Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What was it like when you were a kid????

Me, in the chair with my cousin, watching my aunt play airplane.

I was having a conversation with my younger kids the other day, and they asked me about what life was like when I was younger! Ya know, one of those conversations--the kind that make you feel really old.

I started off by telling them all of the things we didn't have.

1) remote control for televisions, of course we only had 3 channels!

2) colored tv. (is that politically correct?)

3) cell phones-Our phones were connected to the wall, if you wanted privacy you had to stretch the cord to someplace private like a closet or something! Plus we had a party line I think we shared a line with 6 other families...that was fun listening on!

4) home computers- we just got an electric typewriter....remember typos!

5) touch tone phones (for you really young ones, we had rotary dial, ask your Mom or Dad what rotary dial is)

6) fax machines, pagers (do we still use these?)

7) C.D. players and iPods

8) flat screen televisions

9) digital cameras-We did have a Polaroid though it was awesome!

10) braces--haha just kidding, we actually didn't want them!

And of course the question, what did you do for fun Mom? Or the question--Did you have cars? Are you kidding me...how old do they think I am?

What did we do for fun?

How do they think we had fun? We didn't have anything! We entertained ourselves, we played outside until it got dark, we made stuff out of sticks, and mud, like forts.

We weren't Playing game cube or Xbox360 ,or play station,web surfing, texting our friends, or talking to them on the computer, we were at their houses hanging out inventing things to do! We used our imaginations!

We didn't have that much but we certainly had fun!

My two younger kids just looked at me with a glazed over look in their eyes,

"Wow, We feel sorry for you, you didn't have anything!"

Oh well, someday they'll get it!


dandelionia said...

Hey! I remember playing in the mud and out late 'til it was dark.

careysue said...

Well eldest daughter you are older than your younger siblings! Now that's a profound statement isn't it?

cyclingred said...

I grew up on a farm out in the country. We didn't have private lines. It was complicated. You would pick up the phone to call and you would hear your neighbor talking on the phone. Having long conversations with your girl friend got you in trouble.

When you wanted to call someone who was part of your party line you had to dial their number. Then wait until you hear a signal. Then dial a partline code then wait for a busy signal then hang up your phone. Your phone would start ringing. When it stopped you would know the other person had picked up the line so you would pick up to talk to them.

So much fun.

Anonymous said...

CareySue you were so cute when you were little. Too bad we don't have a time machine. Life was so simple back then.

Carrie said...

The airplane picture had me laughing out loud. Literally, laughing out loud!

Do you remember Circus of the Stars? It was on one of the three networks (colored tv, funny about it being P.C.) and stars worked for a week to be in a circus.

Well, we would pose in a way just like the airplane picture, call our mother frantically into the room and yell, "Circus of the Stars".

She'd come running all the time, but it took so long that we usually collapsed by then. Thanks for this fun trip down memory lane. I need to send my sister an e-mail and remind her. All I have to say is, "Circus of the Stars" and we both crack up. It was like Mary Catherine Gallagher, but for old folks.