Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moods 101

What a difference a day makes...that could go for many things. I'm talking about moods. My moods are all over the map at times. I didn't even realize I'd been depressed, until I felt great today. Wow, unbelievable.

I really think it's the peri-menopausal thing. I'm not in menopause yet, just the beginning stages.
Talk about hormonal....*phew* I heard someone liken it to PMS on steroids! Ha you can say that again. For all my younger friends out there, I don't want to scare you or depress you, just reiterate what you've probably already heard.

I started having night sweats about 5 years would think someone poured a bucket of water over my body, when I was sleeping... So, I make it to the bathroom and wring out my clothes, and by that time I'm freezing. Take them off, and grab a towel lay it down over the crime scene (thats what it looks like) so that I'm not laying on top of my sweat.

I will say something strange--I like the smell of my sweat. Yes, I do, it's sweet. I 'm just weird that way...I tend to like strange smells. I'm so wet, my hair and inside my ears are wet--like I've been swimming.

I look at it in the morning and think, "boy I've lost that much water.?" "What does that calculate out to, in weight loss?" Hmmmmm.

I've mentioned before everything goes back to the weight thing.

Another aspect of pre or peri-menopause is the thinning of your hair and I'm not talking on your head! I don't have to say anymore do I ladies? That is just so weird as well. No one ever told me about that aspect. You look south and I'm like where'd it go? huh.

Back to the reason of this post is, it's a great day! And I'm enjoying myself.


candidchatter said...

Oh My Heck! I SOOOO want thinning of the hair "down there". Yes!! Night sweats, no, thinning the bushes, YES, thank you God! Thin more, trim less. I hate to trim it. I swear it makes me an instant contortionist!


careysue said...

LMAS--I feel the same way!!!!!!!!!

Heidi I have to meet you someday!

Blessings From Above said...

PMS on steroids??? I don't know that my poor husband will be able to handle that!

I'm with ya ladies on the thinning of the hair "down there". At least I have that to look forward with PMS. And my hubby too! *Wink*

Glad you are feeling better today!

Carrie said...

I have been doing the night sweats about five years, too. I just keep a nice pile of my husband's t-shirts next to my side of the bed, slip off the wet one and put on a dry one. I think while you walk around all sweaty and damp is when your pubic hair freezes and snaps off. Sorry, PMS humor. That's pretty funny about the towel and the crime scene. I use the towel to lay on, too. Did your leg hair get all patchy, too?

And tell me again, why shouldn't we scare the younger women? I don't get that part!

P.S. Is your name really Careysue? Because mine is really Carrie Sue.

careysue said...


Hello thanks for stopping by! My name is actually Carey Suzane my mom always calls me careysue!

You're too funny too! They're so many funny women on here I can't believe it!!

Carrie said...

And name mine is really Carrie Susan and my mother calls me Carrie Sue.

That is too bad about your mom spelling your name the wrong way.

careysue said...

Carrie, I was just going to say that about your mom!!!

candidchatter said...

You come to south Florida, we will meet. :)


Eddie said...

If I feel blue or depressed I have a best friend who cheers me up. She's smart, she's funny and just a blast to talk to. She is VERY special to me. When I talk to her I feel like I'm 20 years old again. It's such a great feeling. She lifts me up an out of the blues. I thank God for my best friend. We talk and laugh and joke around often. She's wonderful.

careysue said...

Eddie-You are so lucky, and it sounds like she is too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!