Thursday, May 8, 2008

Call out for advice


  1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
  2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

Habit may refer to:

  • Habit (psychology), an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically
  • Habituation, non-associative learning in which there is a progressive diminution of behavioral response probability with repetition of a stimulus
  • An act done repeatedly, sometimes unconsciously (such as a tic), sometimes for leisure (such as a hobby)

Today I'm putting something out there that y'all might help me with.

I tend to eat or listen to, or just do things until I can't stand it any longer. Does that make sense?

For instance: my daughters made me a playlist for my iPod ( nice I know) I love all the music they put on this one certain playlist.

The problem, I only now listen to that certain playlist. Why? Because I love it sooooo much.
and I don't want to listen to anything else. I will listen to this, until finally I start to detest it! Thats right, I will start hating the music. I just can't help it.

The same with food, I'll start to love a certain food (chili) and I have to, or want it everyday--until bam, yes, that's right I hate it!

Why can't I just go along, like everyone else, in moderation and like, and eat, a variety of different things?

Maybe it's habit--my life is a habit and series of rituals.

Started a long time ago: get up in the morning and feed the horses, run back in the house take a shower and go to school...everyone has a morning ritual, not a problem--the problem is when you start hating the habit, ritual or obsession (don't really like the word) anyway, I think you're starting to see where I'm going with this.

Am I normal? Do you do this too?

Comment please! anonymously, I don't care just tell me.

I'm really not that upset about this habit of mine, just curious that's all!

p.s. don't really think I need therapy, would only love it and then hate it!!!


Kathy said...

Oh I so do this too. I'll eat the same thing for weeks...sometimes months and then not have it again for years. I call it a "kick" right now I'm on an "oatmeal kick", a "blogging kick", and a "shopping kick". I don't want to call it an obsession because that makes me sound creepy. A kick is much more fun.

careysue said...

Thank you! I do like that better. For now on it's a kick. :)

candidchatter said...

Carey: I get bored too quickly. I need constant stimulation. I think that is why blogging has such draw for me. Even though I'm sitting on my arse getting fatter by the second, my mind is being fed. With each click of another blog the story changes, the comments are new. Click again. Click again. It's being involved in people's lives from my chair. Lazy entertainment.

Does that mean I'm weird? I don't think so. MILLIONS of us do it. I'm sure you are not alone girl. I'm sure of it!


chel.seeeea said...

thats soooo weird. i mean, honestly, if i had creepy obsession-things like that, i would probably go into seclusion. i am the least obsessed person ever. like, whoa.

Carrie said...

Guess what Carysue, you are normal!

I always thought I had an addictive personality. But, once I started revealing those goofy little "kicks" (today's buzzword) of mine out there for others to see I became aware of the multitude of "kicks" other people had, too.

You are normal girl, you were just bright enough to put it into words and the other people haven't figured that out yet. Good for you!

P.S. I, too, have six kids. Seriously. 26, 19, 13, 11, 7, 5.

Carrie Sue (the other white meat)

OMG I've got to get out more.

dandelionia said...

The reason OCD exists is because it is a different way of the brain interpreting stimuli. There is not a division between those with OCD and those without it--mental diseases like that exist more on a continuum than of the either/or variety. Therefore, you may exist farther along on the continuum than someone else, but that does not mean that you could be diagnosed with OCD.

This is why psychiatrists/psychologists have such a hard time diagnosing people, and why it ends up being much easier to get a prescription for a mental illness. Since everyone falls somewhere on this continuum, as long as they claim their symptoms are harming their life, they can be treated for it.

careysue said...

Ali my dear,

You are so a college student!

I love you anyway!

Carrie said...

I am so glad somebody finally said something because I would never forgive myself if this was a true cry for help and I missed it. Everything is alright now, right?

Eddie said...

I know what you mean about being obsessed or obsessive compulsive behavior. I used to have to drink at least 6 or 10 beers. I couldn't just drink one so I quit. When I smoked, it was 2 packs a day, so I quit that.
There's this other thing though, I just can't give up. It's so strong and got such a hold on me I JUST CAN'T HELP IT. You know what I mean?

careysue said...

Carrie-thank you for being concerned it was more of a curious thing...wondering if other people did the same thing!

Eddie-yes, I know what you mean.

Ali-You're being too analytical. :)

Kathy-I like your advice on it being a 'kick'

Heidi-It is a new world out there and we're all in it. I'm new to this blogging thing and it fascinates me and it's a way for me to vent. Especially, when you can say anything and they're people out there who have been in your shoes. It feels good.

Blessings From Above said...

You are completely normal. At least I am going with normal as I do the same things! Especially with songs. I LOVED Leona Lewis's song Bleeding Heart so I bought the CD a couple weeks ago. I've listened to it so much since, that I am beginning to detest hearing the song when it comes on the radio. Maegan said...

um, you sound normal :) I listen to one album, one song at a time, until I get through all the songs (that I like anyway) and know all the words to them. Then, I'm bored. I never want to hear it again - or for a really long time. I do the same with food too - except peanut m&m's. I'll always be addicted to those.

Sunshine Buzo said...

I always thought it was because I was a Taurus! Ha ha! I am so like you (and most of the above comments)! I go from one thing to another! And wear those suckers out!

My latest is this Modest Mouse cd I cannot/will not/don't you dare make me take out of my cd player. And these yummy Pico de Gallo tortilla chips...They will be my downfall, I just know it! Unless I can make it to next month, when I'll be on to the next thing!

I hope I don't get this way with blogging too! There are *some* things I've managed to stick marriage is a big 'un! So I have hope! :)

P.S. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Nice to "see" you there!