Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Peak at our summer thus far...

Chelsea's graduation party, started off the summer with a bang! There were so many dynamics to this party it was surreal. As many of you already know we had a very special visitor! Carrie from CandidCarrie came to visit and help us for the party. She brought along two of her adorable children. You would think it would of been awkward, we had never met in person, only online! She was just as funny, caring and down right amazing in person as she is in the computer! In fact my Mother referred to her as Internet Carrie! She helped me cook, scrub and wash while she was here...I never laughed so hard either. I'll show you some of the pictures she took (she downloaded them onto my computer thank you Carrie!) And give you a glimpse of the time she was here!

If you get a chance to meet someone, that you've been friends with online DO IT! It's wonderful, I'm hoping to see Carrie again soon along with her whole family!

Of course her cake table!
A little dancin'
A little singin'
And of course kid bowlin'

Thank you again Carrie for making Chelsea's graduation party a huge success! We all love you!!