Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scout is a Mother!!

Update--Scout has one kitten!!! It's a beautiful calico like herself. (I say it because we don't know what it is yet. She already has a home with Chelsea's friend Rachel...what a great experience we had with her last night!

This is Chelsea's baby in her birthing box at around midnight last night.
Chelsea stayed up with her all night helping her labor. She kept getting up and down all night. Chelsea's like

"Hey Scout, just get through this one labor and we'll have you spayed, I promise!"

That was around 2:30am, still no kitties.

I checked on the mother to be around 4am and she was pushing hard in her box. Still nothing.

I get a text message from Chelsea around 4:30am , "come"

So, being the obedient mother I am, I go running up the stairs and Scout is under Chelsea's bed licking her first born kitten. "Ahhhhhhh" it was so cute.

It is now 5:15am. I will be giving updates throughout the day today


Sunshine Buzo said...

You were right! Baby kitties!

Go Scout! Push 'em out, Push 'em out...waaaay out (and preferably not on the carpet)!

So dang cute. Can you send one to Oregon?

careysue said...

Hahahahaha....that's exactly what I was doing this morning...having her push on my hands, can you believe that!

I felt like I was in labor with her.

I wish you could have one! She is the nicest cat ever. She better have more, there already spoken for.

Kathy said...

Yay!!! I want to see more pictures and I want to see more babies!! Come on Scout, do your thang!!

ps thanks for cheering me on!! You're awesome!!

Lex the mom said...

Awwww! How sweet! You didn't update again, so were there more? If so, pics are necessary!

Scout looks like a happy momma!

cyclingred said...

Are there more? I have been waiting since yesterday for the update on the kittens.(I must really need a life)

I am betting "it" is female.

Carrie said...

You are a Grandmother. Welcome to the neighborhood.