Friday, May 23, 2008

What are we having for dinner?

This is the question I hear every single day...and to tell you the truth, I hate it. Seriously, thats one thing about being a mom I could live without,

"What's for dinner?"

Here are some of my answers:

1) I don't have any idea...I don't really know.

2) Are you really hungry?

3) Have a bowl of cereal.

4) Go to Mama's losin' it blog.

5) How about popcorn?

I was talking to my mom the other day--about this very subject, and it's not that we dislike making dinner, it's coming up with different ideas.

Plus, you have to figure out the ingredients, go to the store purchase it, bring it home and make it...blah....then you do all that, and it takes--a minute or two to eat.

Everyone jumps up from the table:

"Thanks Mom!"

"Yeah, great dinner!"

And you're left sitting at the table and everyone's gone.

So, what are we having for dinner?


Carrie said...

My idea of a great dinner would be popcorn and apples.

Sunshine Buzo said...

Do you KNOW how many times we have breakfast for dinner? Ah yeah...I feel ya!

I love to cook, it's just the organization part that kills me. And then my girls see a speck of green or black (otherwise known as pepper or oregano or something godawful like that)and it's all down hill.

I agree popcorn and apples. 'Cept, I don't have any apples. Shoot.

candidchatter said...

@Carrie: With M&Ms for dessert, huh? ROFL!!

Carey: I love to cook! Tonight we had BBQ chicken, corn, foccacia bread, and caesar salad. It was lip smackin' good!


careysue said...

Heidi, You can come over to my house anytime and cook--and if that's not possible, just give me ideas. Ideas that only take 30 minutes or less!

Carrie--when my husbands out of town the kids and I just know, it's popcorn night (real popcorn) not microwave--blah.

Cyclingred said...

The answer we always got was,"don't know. What are you making?"

Blessings From Above said...

Popcorn night sounds yummy! I'll have to add that to next week's menu. :)

Carrie said...

If I know company is coming I make M&M cookies. I am not a barbarian (not that there is anything wrong with that)!

Unless you are a real dear friend, in addition to the cookies I will offer you the body temperature M&Ms fresh out of the pocket of my jeans, but you've got to earn those ... like Jack Black already did. He can eat warm M&Ms out of my pocket anyday. And my other new best friend and we've never even messed around yet at all for real, David Cook.