Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chelsea and Me

Carrie this one's for you!!! modern day "Circus of the Stars"


Carrie said...

Oh, I love you so much I want to change the spelling of my name for you!

This is so funny, I am laughing because you actually must remember Circus of the Stars and crying because, well just because I found you!

Now, on to the comment!

1. How could you manage to balance her without giggling her right off?

2. Funniest name for a picture ever: Mom Airplanes Chelsea. I love that title!

3. How gorgeous are your kids? All smiling and grinning as happy as could be! Wow, they all have gorgeous hair! Healthy look tongue on Chelsea, too!

4. Your boobs must be made out of rocks or that is one powerful bra you've got! How many women can lay on their backs and have their boobs point upright!

5. Your thigh flesh stays put, it isn't even wrapped around your waist. It just stays put in mid-air!

6. Trust issues, their must not be any for her to let you prop her up there.

7. Send me a video of you spinning her, alright?

Thank you, Carey Sue and Chelsea. You will not be voted off Circus Island (I know that wasn't really part of THAT show, but if it gets redone today their would be a Circus Island with mother/daughter immunity challenges and you would so kick ass)

I less than three your whole family times four!

P.S. When you said you left me something I was sooooooooooooo afraid it was tag! Thank you for not tagging me times four.

Carrie said...

I didn't know I wrote that much, that is like an entire blog written without spell check!

Carrie said...

I also need to mention that your dog's haircut is cute! Yes, I had to come back and look at the picture one more time!

careysue said...

Answers to your rhetorical questions

1) Strong honey
3)In the genes
5)I work on them everyday!
6)Yeah, if I drop her she's landing on me!
7)Will work on that!
We less than 3 times 4 love you too!!!

And I do remember circus of the stars! So glad we finely found each other!

careysue said...

We just had her trimmed again today!

After I read your comment I thought, how in the hell did she know that!

laughing once again because of you!

insane mama said...

Oh, the talent
What did you give your kids to make them all happy like? because I could use some over here, and hurry!

candidchatter said...

You are one strong mama! I do that with my toddlers, but you have to be all "strong man" and stuff and do your older daughter.

I admire you!

Heidi Reed

Outnumbered2to1 said...


Wendy said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog. It's awesome!

I hope your son feels better soon.