Saturday, August 11, 2007

The girls

Our lovely mother....

Our Ali...

Our Chelsea...

Our Vegetarian..

And our Chloe...

Friday, August 10, 2007

A low stirring deep within me

I like change. I realized this fully and completely days ago, but only yesterday did it strike me as a terrible thing--I like change at all costs. Seeing others grow, life shift into the shadows, brews in me a rather intoxicated mood, I can not stop but smile at the life brushing goosebumps along my shivering arms. Side by side with this intoxication, however, is an edging of nausea--what has happened? An actual, complete, footprint-creating step in any direction is thrilling, but now life has moved on; others have accepted the here and now, and we are left with our past footprints as mere memories. Life is, excluding all our fantasies, exactly where we have stepped. I hate change.

But I don’t want to be the one to dwell in my memories--I frequently refer back to both tear- and sun-soaked memories in my writing, but in reality what I dream the most for is the future. That is why, perhaps, I love change--look ! I have created something of a fantasy ! I am living in a fantasy ! But we can not say, as we did when we were six years old, “Pretend I am eighteen and you are eighteen too, and look what just happened ! You have to be excited for me--we are getting ready for a party and we are both excited right now !” And, most likely, your friend would agree, but add something more thrilling to the picture to make your life even more exciting.

But we are eighteen (well, some, and some are 11 or 14 or 16 or 47), and our friends sometimes add thrilling pieces to our lives, but more often than not they are not going to the same parties, or don’t want to, or have looked at you differently the past couple of weeks and now say, rather simply, “We’ve changed.”

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back again...

I think this is appropriate that I say something tonight the eve of two of my children's birthdays. No, there not twins-being there five years apart, but they have the same birthday-August 10th. What's interesting is that they are both left handed as well! I think that's so cool-to be left handed I had a girlfriend in grade school, and through high school, that was left handed. I always envied her because not only was she always thin, she had long beautiful hair and was left handed. If you set next to her your arms would bump-a bit annoying at times but she was different! So, to have two of my kids, left handed WOW, I most of done something right. (no pun intended of course)

Let me tell you a little about them: Chloe will be 11, she is the youngest girl. She just got out of the whiny stage *yes*. She's actually fun to be around as of late. Since she's the baby girl she played on that her whole life...I don't know what it is how they just seem to change overnight but she did. She was recently in a play and had a pretty significant part and I sat there and cried nearly through the whole play. (it wasn't a sad play) to see her up there all grown up I couldn't believe it! "Where, my little girl go?" She's also involved in choir so your getting the feeling of Chloe very involved in things and wants to do everything! I couldn't be prouder.

Then there's the youngest: Rickie, all boy mind you. Picture the little rascals (if your old enough) and the kid with the black eye and putting frogs in girls lunch boxes-that would be Rickie. All stinker. He will be 6...very social guy loves everyone and of course everyone loves him so he believes. (we will not tell him otherwise!) He's having a birthday party Friday and boy is he excited his first birthday. I know a lot of parents now days give there kids a party every year. I sure don't or didn't jump on that band wagon, not with six kids. So yes this is his first and last for a while I think. Having a magician (judge down the street) a pinata filled with candy, did I tell you Rickie is a first class sugarholic? Well, he is. When he was not 2 I was frantically looking for him "RICKIE....RICKIE where are you?" Finally found him in the closet across from the pantry with hot chocolate packets eating them and throwing the wrapper next to him I think he ate almost the whole box of 12! He is a sugarholic for sure!

I hope this gives you a little feeling of two of my kids! Gotta love em!

I do.


I just realized I have no creativeidness at all. Everything I've been about to say right here has been lyrics. Except for I did choose an anteater which means I am extremely unique. Who knew!? HA.
Ok so I'll admit, none of that was very funny at all, but it wasn't really supposed to be, its just, I'm bored...and when I'm bored I pretend to laugh and then maybe someone will think its funny. Except no that never happens either.
I like to make things up, we'll just go with that.
Because all of that I just wrote, I basically have no idea what I was talking about. At all. And I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody..would leave ME comments!!
Oh. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA> ;-)

So, now that I've successfully made the world bored..not that the world reads this, but I think with this record-breaking level of boredom post, people around the people reading will take on their boredom and before you know it, it'll the whole world.

I'm also really liking run-on, ununderstandable sentences. But, unfortunately you'll just have to get used to that, or just avoid my posts, because this is just the kind of person I am. (excluding the boredom factor, I hope at least)

Well, I was going to start typing more and more and more paragraphs about, oh well you know, everything. But I'll be nice today.

And now I'm ending it. Have a good day. Bye. Mhmm..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The microwave stand is going to be red. Of course, everyone that has some sort of vested interest in this microwave stand already knows that the microwave stand is going to be red, but I feel as though my posts should have some sort of transition between them--as in, "Hey, look, it's Ali writing! And Ali dwells on the same few thoughts over and over!"

Well, I don't.

Alright, I lie--I do dwell on the same few thoughts over and over, but sometimes, miraculously!, I am out walking with my mom, and it is five hundred degrees outside and it feels as though we are walking in a steam room (or, at least, smells like it), and The Arcade Fire is playing in the background, and my thoughts are not the same. Then, I think--heaven! joy! bliss! heat! sweat! endorphins! Unfortunately though, it is usually then that my mom starts running through the sweat and over the parched grass-leaves and I think--omg-I-will-fail-next-semester-boys-love-fat-red-microwave-stand-babysitting. Seriously, if she'd just stop running on our walks and we were perpetually walking life would be perfect.

But life is incredibly good, and now I can check off "microwave stand!" from my list of thoughts to dwell on, and maybe someday I'll no longer dwell on the same list but a new much more fun list.

Monday, August 6, 2007


...says the broken Californian down, on the beach."
I really hope it works this time, because The Blog doesn't seem to like me much, most of my posts (besides "Uhh") don't work, but "Uhh" was under my mother's name, which is why it worked, under my own name..I am very disliked.
Anyway..Mommom, Hi. I suggest you leave me a nice little, probably funny comment, if this ends up working, that is. Oh and also, when you are coming here next? Cause I'll make you cake! Really, really GOOD cake. Chocolate, of course.

But what else can be expected?

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Fitting with the title of this blog, I have been particularly indecisive lately. This indecision is controlling my life so much that I can not talk to others without at some point ignoring others' conversation or points or whatever they're talking about and dwelling upon my indecision. So, clearly, I need to update this blog with what has been CONSUMING me.


Of course, college. Of course. Last year was filled with bronchitis and fatigue and fear, and now I have to take intensive Spanish AGAIN and this is, clearly, frightening me half-to-death. Today, however, instead of dwelling on should-I-or-should-I-not?, I researched the possibility that I wouldn't take the class, and realized that the alternatives were slim. So that indecision is finally over! And while I was researching my intensive Spanish class I realized that I couldn't take my amazing Arts in the Community class because I don't have a car. Oh, actual action. Now I'm taking an English class based primarily on fantasy.

Then there is mi otra problema---the microwave stand! What color should it be? Our room is going to be warm-colored (reds, mostly) and clean, simple looking. So what color should the microwave stand be? Any suggestions? Hints? Advice?

so I'm a little late....

Ha, Everyone has been bugging me about posting on this little thing so finally I think I'll make 'em happy and just do it... Well... I'm the vegetarian... actually pescotarian, but I won't go into details.... the funny thing about it is that whenever I don't feel like doing anything it always is because "she's a vegetarian!!", but jeez maybe I'd like to not go on a bike ride because it's just that time of the month!!!... not always because "she's a vegetarian". Ha, well anyways I really don't know what else to say.... everyone else had some really great posts and I feel mine is just lacking. hm well I'm also an artist, I draw things and what not, I suppose their mildly okay... but whatever apparently some people think otherwise, I'll maybe post some stuff later so you guys can decide, but I think this first post is sort of a get-to-know-me kind of thing, so yeah! I'm finished

Friday, August 3, 2007


well 'ello. I'm a tad confused..when I woke up this morning and checked my email I saw the email asking if I wanted to contribute to this blog.
I, of course, am Chelsea (apparently crazy as well), and like I said, very confused.
Let's see..both my sister and mother had a point to their post, but I...don't. I do think its kind of funny though that this is called "women's prerogative" (weird spelling, huh?) because my mum and dad just made a list of "rules" that says we are not allowed to change our mind about...anything anymore. So hopefully this means that the list of rules is, well, a lie.
Well, that is all I have to say, I will probably be back to lie later. G'bye.

The Blog Train

If there was a blog train, streaming along, picking up fabulous bloggers, I'm pretty sure my women and I have clearly missed it. Even when I began reading blogs, years ago, I was intensely aware of the fact that I could not start my own blog, because alas! the train had left the station. But now, fortunately, sneakily, I have managed to steal my way onto the newest caboose trailing down the track, as I can always say, rather snottily, "Well my mother wanted to start a blog." And, of course, old people...they're always behind in the times.

Anyway, enough metaphors. I'm Ali (a little nuts), and also the one that came up with that fabulous "About Me", which is a little, I admit, obnoxious. No one is reading this, though, so I'm a little safe from the frightening idea that strangers may think I'm obnoxious or, in the least, self-deprecating. But because I WANT that frightening idea, I have decided to keep my posts short, incredibly witty (haha), and frequent, because with so many hormonal women posting I'm afraid anything long will cause the average stranger a nervous breakdown and--"My God, how can that father survive?! Give those girls some chocolate!"

And who wants that?

a prerogative

This was kind of a spur of the moment thing...this blog thing, for all the women in our family. I happen to be the matriarch--the Mother of four women (girls) and yes two boys (cannot forget the boys). To keep and stay connected while my eldest goes back to college. *heavy sigh*

Why don't I start off and explain the title of this blog--I tend to change my mind about almost everything; the truth is, I can always see other people's point of view and fortunately or unfortunately (depending on who you're talking to) it doesn't make for consistant parenting--so, when the kids were little and I would tell them we were going to do a certain thing and boy, I was so into it in the morning..."Sure sweetie, we can go to the beach this afternoon!" Two hours later and numerous diaper changes (always had one or two in diapers) things would be a little different.
"Well, about the beach..."
"You said we were going Mommy."
"Sweetie, let me tell you something--it's always a woman's prerogative to change her mind."