Monday, May 5, 2008

I love Chili

Candid Chatter on her post today reminded me of how much I love chili lately...don't ask me why! What's more amusing is, I have never liked chili until this year...I know someone (and I'm not telling you who) that used to make chili all the time. He spent so much time on his chili--ground beef, sirloin steak, etc...all the best ingredients. Do you think that I would try it? No way I had this mental block...I was not going to try it.

So just a few months ago I thought "I'll just make some chili." Truth to known, I'm thinkin to myself--there's beans in it (carbs, protein) ground beef (protein) tomatoes (vegetables, carbs) Wow, all good, that's why I started making it. I have it down to a perfection...cut up onions to put on top...(yum) a little bit of sour cream (extra yum) and maybe grated cheese (Ahhh) My mouth is watering just writing this down.

So why am I obsessing about chili? Who knows, but until I get sick of it and believe me I probably will, I will make it and family you don't have to eat it anymore (more for me) I will eat it until I can't eat it no more! There.

Just had to tell ya!

Love ya,



candidchatter said...

I love chili too.
Sour cream and onions and cheese, Oh My!! (said like lions and tigers and bears from the W of Oz)