Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grateful for all of you!

I simply wanted to tell all of you out there in cyber-land, who have been commenting on my blog, I'm becoming attached to all of you! Yes, I really have. It makes me really happy when y'all take the time to come here, and then comment, I just wanted to thank you.

Truth be told, when the first comment came in (that wasn't from a family member) I was shocked maybe even blown away!! I just didn't think other people would read my words! I even remember who it was it was, Blessings from above

Thank you Jennifer, for starting this whole commenting thing! :)

Again thank you,




candidchatter said...

You are the biggest heart on the internet. You're a doll. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and being my wisdom behind the scenes. I admire you for many, many reasons. So you're welcome and thank you and I love you and wow what a woman you are!

Heidi Reed

careysue said...

See there you go making me feel all warm and fuzzy again! :)

Do you remember when it was popular to say--give someone a warm and fuzzy? maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but that sounds familiar.

Thanks Heidi

You're loved for many reasons as well!

Jodie said...

Hi Carey : )

This post is a little late however.... KITTENS!!!! I have a little black cat called, none other than SPUTNIK! When I get back from Nepal I'm getting him a playmate, cats need to come in pairs I agree with you there! Going to call him/her tiddly. So when I hollar out the door for them to come in it'll be Tidddly-Sput : )

Much love,
Roadrunner ; )

careysue said...


I have just the right kitten for you!!!

Carrie said...

Carey Sue, you are so welcome and thank you. I am really enjoying you, your blog, your kids, their blogs. Please let your children know that I mean them no harm.

Sunshine Buzo said...

I kind of like you too, girl! :)