Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everyone's well!!!!

Hope everyone is well! Although, things are back to somewhat of normal, I'm still taking time off! See all of you in the fall. :)

I'm still checking up on all of your blogs!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Be Back Later.......Much later

Due to reasons beyond my control, I will not be blogging for a while, as you can see I have more precious things to take care of.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

H O M E!!!!

HOME from the doctor's today!!! Key word being home...this is huge for him. His PFT's were not that great, but the doctor said that will come. He has to gain weight, so carnation instant breakfast in his whole milk...milk shakes, McDonald's, you name it he can have it!!!

You're probably thinking he doesn't look that skinny...well people with CF they encourage to gain weight or keep it on because the higher the bmi the better the lung function.

So, Rickie eat, eat, eat and don't forget your enzymes!

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and guys make me tear up thinking you really do care.

Thanks, Carrie and Heidi you guys are my girls! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clinic Appointment Today (Wednesday)

This is my friend our youngest child Rickie ...the picture on the left he has his vest on, the vest is connected to a machine that forces air into the vest and it shakes his lungs and loosens the mucus in the airways, after which he is forced to cough out the mucus....along with the vest Rickie does his nebs.

Three different medicines by way of a nebulizer--at the same time his vest is on. It takes a little longer than 30 min. He does it twice a day--everyday--forever.

When Rickie is sick he has to do treatments 3 to 4 times a day.

Every 3 months he goes to clinic, they test his pulmonary function, weight, chest x-rays, and physical exam. If his pulmonary function test is down 10%, or his weight is down, it is a red flag to the doctors and they put him in the hospital and give him a tune-up. A tune up is normally IV meds, respiratory therapy and physical therapy. This normally lasts 2-3 weeks...sometimes they let him go home with IV meds.

Rickie is worried. Every time so far, he's had a clinic appointment he hasn't come home.

Please, if you have a chance, send Rickie positive thoughts, pray that he can come home after his appointment!

This is a request from him...

This is my song to you Rickie.

Love you,


The Secret Is In The Sauce

OK, so I go and check out all my favorite blogs and what do I find in common? Everyone is jumping aboard this great idea Heather and Mrs. Romeros came up with, The Secret Is In The Sauce.

It's a contest, a contest that brings more people to your blog! You need to send them three of your best posts and you will become a featured blogger on their site. They will direct all their readers to your blog! (I think I already mentioned that! oh well)

Link over there and follow the directions in their post! Yes, it's that easy do it! If I can do it anybody can!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Adventures of a traveling Cat

Here is our newest addition!!! He's 5 days old and of course his eyes are still closed.

I am so glad that I am not a cat! I would hate not seeing anything wouldn't you? I don't care if I am only 5 days old! Gheez..

Scout is so funny. I think since she has only one, she thinks she can just travel anywhere with her baby. Every time you open the door she's standing there with kid in mouth, ready to flee.

Chelsea said she was woke up last night numerous times...she heard little mews by her ear. She's like OMG the kitten is right next to her head and miss Scout is sleeping by her feet!!! Taking a break.

I laughed so hard, it's like Scouts thinking-- hmmmmm I think I'll take a break and let my mom watch the kid! Lalala life is good.

So apparently this went on all through the night.

I told Chelsea, I would definitely put an end to this right away. Move her to the basement, in a room and shut the door. Nighty night kitties.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you...we have another newbie at home too.

A Bengal kitten almost 10 weeks old he's beautiful....Hannah's newest pet...I'll show you him later.