Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back pain....Ellen Degeneres

The back-pain is killing me...feels as though, someone hit me across the lower back with a 2-by-4! Taking a lot of medication and it still hurts! I am so impatient, I need to get back to my work-outs. Ahhhhhhhh!

I'm just not good at laying around.

I'm rambling so bear with me. Oh yeah, my friend from High School's daughter is on Ellen today! They picked her up yesterday and flew her and a girlfriend in...she's written Ellen numerous times through-out the years...so apparently it's because she is a fan of Ellens. So, watch for Margo M.
Going to go lay down.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, so she was on. That quick for about 15 seconds in the beginning. One would think after flying her there and giving her a room with her name on it, that she would of talked to her a little longer. :( She looked cute though!


candidchatter said...

I hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you.


cyclingred said...

Again we have commonality in our back pain. Like you the most aggravating thing for me was not being able to go workout.

I found that those icy hot type pads really helped also.

Chris said...

Hope you and your back get better soon. Take Care!

Carrie said...

Well hello Carey Sue,

That is a much better picture of your aching back than the last picture. Hope you are feeling up to snuff and in the pink in no time.

Cool about you friend being on Ellen's show, I always loved her sitcom. Remember Ellen's friend from the show with the real high voice, I think it was a neighbor across the haul, very girlie girl? Well she played a small part on an episode of Law & Order recently and I came running into the living room ... that voice was so familiar.

Thus, my rambling concludes ;)

Blessings From Above said...

Hang in there...hope you are feeling better soon!


Anonymous said...

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