Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy All Hallow's Eve.......

Ali the "nerd"

Rickie at pre-school
I was listening to the radio this morning and I got this great idea for a post this morning!! They were having listeners call in and tell them the worse thing they got for Halloween!!!

Here's a few I heard this morning--a frozen waffle, can you imagine looking down and seeing a FROZEN WAFFLE, gee thanks...a bag of cough drops...

Rock hard popcorn balls.

Toothbrush and toothpaste from a dentist! (comes in handy though!)

So come on people, leave me a comment, and tell me the worse thing, or on the flip side, the best thing you received in your Halloween bag!!

Go to Candid Carrie and see all the fotos for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!
This is a great foto...can't take credit for it found it on Corbis!

*couldn't find Halloween pictures this morning-I would have to scan them, and I don't know how!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We really need to get some candy...

Rickie-How many days until Halloween Mommy?


Rickie-You're don't have any candy yet!!

Me-I know I'll have to get some.

Rickie-Why don't you make some!

Me-I can't make candy.

Rickie-Are you kidding can make can make loovve...etc, etc

I completely forgot what else he listed at this point.

Me--Yeah, I do love you alright...

Big hugs!

I love the fact that our kids think--we can do anything. I'll show this to him when he gets older....

Kids say the darnedest things!

It looks like pick-up sticks!!!

When Ric leaves for work we have coffee in the morning, and talk about what we're doing for the day. He decided I should clean out some cupboards and our small pantry off of our kitchen...I wasn't that excited about cleaning out the pantry, but being the nice wife that I am I did it.

Here's a picture of the floor, I was taking everything out and moving it to the basement pantry and this is what happened! Yes, that's dry spaghetti all over the floor! I picked up the box to move and it was upside down (thanks kids!)

Kind of looks like pick-up sticks don't ya think?

We'll I cleaned it all up and it looks beautiful!

Oh yeah, got the cupboard cleaned out too!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a tad frustrated...

He did his very best today, he gave it his all. They want him on IV meds for another week! It's the best for him, I, not so much! (did that sound like a song?)

He might be home for the finish them out and get some much needed rest. If we do this...the chances go way down for the need to be in the hospital. And we all know we don't want that!

He will get better!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sign him up...

Rickie's biggest dream is to be in the army...he takes it very seriously as you can tell....his IV bag comes in very handy because it looks like a grenade!

What's so funny with kids is that when they put a costume on they ARE that character...he was wearing the army costume tonight and he was strutting his stuff, standing tall and acting very brave--of course he couldn't hug me in uniform!! So, I'm playing along with him and I merely suggest he wear it tomorrow when he goes in to do his PFT'S. You know, make him stronger...or give him more confidence, and he looks up at me with disbelief and says...why would I do that and that is dumb can't walk into the hospital with a costume on.

I thought for sure he would play along, I was getting into it!! A little bit later he said to you really think it would make me stronger?

I preceded to tell him it absolutely would, and he could make his mind up in the morning. Of course, we'd have to put the camo paint on his face...and maybe they wouldn't even recognize him!

I will play along, and do what ever makes him happy tomorrow...because if he passes his test's!!!

*Army costume with built in muscles- priceless*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bloggy Book Club at Ronda's Rants!!!

Please head on over to Ronda's Rants and participate in her Bloggy Book Club.

She is discussing the book--The Shack by William P. Young

I will be reading all of the posts about this book though so please, if you've read the book speak about it!

Next time I'll finish the book in time! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Friday Foto Finish fiesta is happenin' right now so go on over to Candid Carrie and check out all of the funny,fabulous fotos!

Friends Forever

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

November 6, 1958---October 23, 2005

Dear Dave,

I'm sitting here at my computer trying to find words to tell you how much I miss you. No words can accurately describe how this feels writing to you, knowing you'll never answer me were my big brother, my protector, my confidant, my hero.

I remember when you went into the navy and how mom, dad, Rick and I cried as the bus drove off with you in it...and how young you looked. How you looked so brave, I missed you then. You came back, older, stronger and more confident. Not that you weren't already. Heck, you were the high school heart throb, all the girls loved you! I was in your shadow in high time some guy came up to me out of the blue and said--Hey, why can't you be like your brother Dave? and I just replied...I don't know? I wasn't jealous-I was so proud of you, you had the cool factor going on.

When you came home on leave from the Navy, you were so great, I was so happy that you were home even for a little while...I just want to thank you for spending time with me...taking your kid sister to lunch, buying me things (you didn't have to do that you know) Listening to Fleetwood Mac on your 8 track! Drinking beer with Pickard!

I wanted to tell you that I bragged about you all the time..."My brothers in the Navy on a nuclear submarine, he's a nuclear electrician!" I think people got tired of hearing about how great you were!

A lot has happened since you've been gone...but, I don't want to go that route right now. I just want to say; thanks for being there for me...we had a great life know, you don't hear about that many siblings loving each other as much as you, Rick and I did! Maybe partly because we were so close in age, Mom practically had triplets we were so close.

Just know that I miss you so much my heartaches, I'll never ever, ever stop missing you...I know that if you could you'd tell me to stop already! So, I will.

I love you Dave. Miss you.

Here's to you, one of the songs we used to listen to, in your green chevy malibu.

Fleetwood Mac-Never Going Back Again

Get The Bean

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More fall pictures...

I really like these...the color has really popped!

Monday, October 20, 2008

OK so I get lost....

When my oldest daughter was a baby, I often times took her for walks in the woods.

We lived on a dead end road, the last house on the left and about a thousand feet from the road, so basically out in the middle of no where.

Ali was a one year old at the time, and she was up, I decided to take her for a walk, mind you it was a foggy morning...the sun was not shining. If you know me you know that I get lost very easily.

My husband at the time, always kept the trails mowed, so how could I possibly get lost?!! I was not worried I've never, ever been lost in the woods...I grew up in the country!

We set off for our walk holding hands and singing and was precious.

I guess I wasn't really paying too much attention, because we were off the trail! That's OK, I can find my way back, at this point her little legs are getting very tired, so she's on my shoulders now.

Still walking, and looking for something that looks familiar. Nope, nothing.nada. yet I swear I can find my way back.

This is before cell phones. Can't call and get, I do the second option- start crying just a wee bit don't want to upset Ali. Remember, there is no sun I can't walk in any direction and know where I'm going. Cannot get my bearings I'd walk 20 minutes one way, and I don't see anything at all that I've seen before. OK, maybe someone is out in the woods and can hear me.


NOTHING. Silence. Ok I'm crying a baby!

I have been in the woods for two hours I think or longer.

Ali at this point is getting really heavy. Alright Figure it out you're a mom!

I'm standing in the woods and looking around--I've tried going this way and that way let's try just walking one direction and maybe, I'll hit the road at some point and walk home...yes, it has to work.

I think I hear some voices...yay, people, living, breathing people that can help me.

But, wait. They could be ax murderers! Well, I'll just have to take my chances.


Them--Hey, how's it goin? (shot guns in arms)

Do not let them know that you're scared shitless.

Them--You lost?

Me--Ahhhh, yeah. Can you tell me how to get to 72nd avenue?

Them--What? You're way the hell from there....hahahahahahahah

Me--I need to get home, where is it?

Them--Follow us and we'll take you home.

OMG, take me home, I don't know these guys at all. I thought if I just followed them to the road, that would be OK.

We make it to their house. I have never seen a scene like this before it was a cross between the Beverly Hillbillies house before they moved to California, and the Adams Family. Cars up on blocks...not that there's anything wrong with that mind you...junk everywhere, I'm talkin garbage galore--mud...there's no grass just mud. Chickens pecking the ground. Oh yeah, a deer hanging from a tree...I know it was deer season...had no business in the woods.

I see a van in the drive way. A van with no windows. I don't know but that just freaks me out, don't they want to see out the sides of the van?!

I quickly ask if I can use there phone...they don't have one! SHIT. What am I going to do. The only thing I can do is walk home on the road.

I quickly thank them, and tell them I'm fine and I'll walk home.

"Hey, maam, you can't walk all the way home!"

"I'm fine," I say, and start walking down their muddy driveway, with my tired, cold, one year old.

I stopped and stood there for a moment and turned around. OK, I'll take a ride home.

What the heck was I thinking...ride with complete strangers in a van with no windows. OMG! They could...well, you know what they could do.

I'm in their van and all the while they're driving I'm praying to myself....please God just let me get home and I'll never get into a strangers van or car again...I promise!

They took us home and I thanked them.

I had them drop me off at the end of my road...didn't want them to know which house was mine...of course they're were only two to choose from.

Needless to say, I didn't walk in the woods for a long time after that...I just couldn't do it.

That was the first time I got into a van with strangers, you'd think I would of learned my lesson...that's a whole other story!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few scenes from my neighborhood...

Went for a walk Thursday here are a few shots I thought were pretty good!

I had to put my hand though a hole in a fence to get this shot...what I really wanted to do...was go in and walk in the woods! Next time I'll find an opening.

I think the color this year is phenomenal.

This is in a cemetery not too far from my house.

Check out more photos over at candid carrie for Friday foto finish fiesta!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm feeling sorry for myself today...just today

(warning venting and feeling sorry for myself post) I'm just going to start typing so bear with me...

I feel so overwhelmed lately with doing Rickie's meds and treatments and taking care of everything...

Most of the time it doesn't bother me, or I don't let it bother me...he's CF doesn't exist...yeah, he does treatments every single day--but, that's normal. When he gets sick it's a slap in the face that it exists and even if he isn't coughing, mucus is building up in his lungs trying to grow bacteria. blah,blah blah....

Both of my parents are not doing well and that's a constant worry as well...I'm the only kid left so it's up to me to help them. (when I can) that's another thing I can't help them as much as I want to.

The anniversary of my brothers death is coming up October 23rd so I'm thinking of him a lot.

I guess it's just a bunch of stuff piled up...I can take it most days. I'm rambling I know

I also realize, it could be worse, and others have it harder than I. If you're out there I am so sorry, and know that--I do think of others and their circumstances all the time.

I pretty much do this every couple of months (feel sorry for myself) and most of the time I don't publish..I decided today that I would and be done with it.

Here's to tomorrow and moving forward.

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eleven O'clock...

I was getting Rickie's meds ready again tonight for his eleven o'clock dose...just thought I'd show you what he is on.

The big syringe is Ceftazidime and I have to push that in...ideally taking 5 minutes.
The baby bottle looking antibiotic is call Gentamicin and that takes around 30 minutes to infuse.

When he was hospitalized this time the Physical Therapist taught Rickie to huff..a different way to cough to loosen and get out his mucus. I was so proud of him because he "got it".

When Rickie was hospitalized in the past...he totally freaked out during blood draws. Normally they can draw blood from his port. They can't when he's on gentamicin because it would give them a wrong reading for his trough and peaks. I probably spelled that wrong for you medical people out there! Anyway, this time when they had to draw blood he just put his arm out and watched and didn't make a sound! I was so amazed! I'm not kidding it would take at least three adults to hold him down and one to draw blood...all the while he's screaming. So for him to totally do that was amazing!

They also added more medication to his everyday schedule...Rickie takes it all in stride...he says to me--"Mommy, I'm just a normal boy." And that's how he wants people to see him.

Good night! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Home is where the heart is...

Rickie's home and feeling better...he has his IV meds to do at home and the usual treatments...hopefully we got this over with early in the flu season...we can only hope! (if it only worked that way!)

Again thank you for all your well wishes!

This is Chelsea my sweetie at the surgeons office this morning waiting to get her wisdom teeth removed...she was a bit nervous! I have two sickies to take care of this evening...Get well Chels! It's a bit more quiet around here! Not a bad thing huh?

Good night everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The worst is over....

I think Rickie went through the worst of his virus at home...he was admitted yesterday and they did the usual, blood work, PFT's, chest x-ray, and accessing his port. They have him on two different antibiotics. They have to check his blood levels to make sure they don't give him too much of one--because it can cause hearing loss. Don't want that!

He's on droplet alert because he has a leaving the room and anyone coming in has to gown up and wear a mask.

The good news is--they might let me take him home and continue his IV meds at home. YAY!

As some of you know, sleeping in the hospital is not conducive to sleeping. The downside would be they wouldn't let me take him home until he's down with the round of meds! *ugh*

Just thought I'd let you know--he's doing a lot better already.

Thanks for all of your support.
Life is good!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waiting for a room...

Thank you all for your comments and support. It really means a lot!

I'm getting anxious now, because he's getting worse....

p.s. I'm really not trying to be a drama queen I'm just scared.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rickies going back in for a lock up...

Rickie is being admitted tomorrow to Mott's Childrens Hospital.

His Doctor says for a couple of days to start IV meds and to knock out what's growing in his lungs.

He'll be fine. He's a trooper.

I will be back in a few days. If I'm longer, my daughters will update.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

September 24, 1988

**I know you're surprised!

I have an announcement to make..I completely dissed you Ali...yes, I did. You turned 20 on September 24th and I didn't even make mention of it.

Ali I am so sorry. It's just that...I was so... Hey, I do not have an excuse--

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A L I...

You are no longer in your teens you're now in your work full time and go to college full time...not only do you have a 4 point you're in honors college!!!!!!!

I think you're amazing, beautiful, funny, talented and the bestest big sister ever! You're an incredible writer and humanitarian, thank you for making me so proud.

I couldn't love you more even if I tried!

I love you sweetie--Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

Saturday, October 4, 2008

She is sixteen going on seventeen...and other happenings!

Happy Birthday Darling I love you very, very, very, very, very, very MUCH! ( lyrics taken from Bright Eyes)
Not only is it your birthday, it's also your Homecoming Dance!

You are my middle child, the one that gets lost in the shuffle.'s.true. When we had you we also had two others who needed a lot of attention. Ali not so much. Chelsea was not yet two so in her eyes you TOOK her mommy! You took it all in stride, even as a newborn... you sat back... and observed. Thank you for being so patient.

When you were not quite two, we had another baby. You took that all in stride as well. You didn't make a lot of noise...played by yourself and always were smiling.

Well, today it's your turn! It is all about you!! Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!!

*next year you're the oldest home.