Monday, May 19, 2008

Tagged--6 to 10 facts about me!!!!

Today, I crawled to the computer (not really...more like walked humped--over) and I read a lot of my favorite blogs and low and behold I've been tagged by (Sunshine Buzo) and I have to tell you 6 to 10 things that you don't know about me!
I have to say, I feel honored when someone picks me--a long the same lines as Candid Carrie's post, and her mentioning hardly ever getting picked at recess for Red Rover...well, I wasn't' picked either, or when I was picked I was last. Duck, Duck, Goose.
Talk about being anxious--sitting in the circle, circling around-- D u c k......D u c k......D u c k (hurry the heck up--PICK ME) GOOSE!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh it was such a stupid game, you're always caught off guard when you finally do get picked!
Another game we played in gym, was bombardment...they don't play it anymore--too much of a liability I guess. We were tougher back then. I'm totally getting off subject. So here ya go:

1) Get lost easily--(might already know this) I think I'm the Only person who gets lost with a
system. Yes, I got one for Mother's Day, hey-- I only called her a bitch two times! (sorry lady)

2) Third in the world 1977 World Championships--Jumping and Working Hunter! (enough bragging. :)

3) Raised horses when I was a kid. (love the smell of barns) Used to throw the horse manure at my younger brother, of course when they were frozen! duh.

4) Love to ride motorcycles! (still have a motorcycles endorsement)

5) Getting a tattoo (don't tell my husband) he's very conservative. (not politically though) He doesn't like the way I dress either! He thinks I dress too young.

6) We've had many different pets--(can't say no to my kids) bearded dragon, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, cats, dogs, asia frog, and soon another exotic pet. (cannot tell you it's a secret, husband doesn't' know yet!) Shhhhh don't tell.

7) Would love to be a foster mom-husband thinks we have enough kids....I just want to take care of kids, that don't have homes!

I need to stop here, as to save some secrets, for another time!

Thanks for coming here!!!!!!

I'm tagging:

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(blessings from above) She's such a cutie! Jennifer



Sunshine Buzo said...

That was fun-NAY! You are SO NOT the only one that gets lost w/a GPS system. Change the voice/accent to an Australian man. It helps. Trust me...:)

What kind of tattoo, btw? I have one, but I reeeeally want to get a lifesize lady bug on my big toe. And my girls' dance teacher has the COOLEST what is it...a dandelion? The little weed you pick up that looks like a cotton ball and you blow on it to make a wish? That thing. I loooove looks like it's blowing in the wind. I might have to take a picture and post it!

Kathy said...

I want to foster kids too. In Washington state there is a Foster To Adopt program that I'm really interested in. We'll have to wait till the baby is a bit older, but I have some work to do with my husband too. :(

ps I just tagged you from my blog as well!! Get on it sister!

ps I hope you're starting to feel better!

JWilson said...

Ok I have to ask becasue I am really confused but what is Jumping and Working Hunter???

careysue said...

I'm sorry I should of made it more clear--it's equestrian, it's the classes I was in.

You know like Chris Reeves!

JWilson said...

Ok got it thanks! :)