Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kitten update

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever the song goes, I was a little disappointed that she only had 1 single kitten, but I got ta thinkin. Heck shes not a human, she's a cat, a cat Carey--get over it!

I tend to liken animals to humans, can't help it, I just do that. Like:

"Ahhhhh it doesn't have a brother or sister to cuddle with, poor thing."

So what, she gets to have her mom all to herself, but of course, when the mom is gone she's all alone. So in jumps moi to intervene and pet it while the mom's eating so she won't be alone. This is going to drive me nuts, I will not do that.

Anyway, she's a cat and she'll be fine...

Stay tuned for pictures!


Carrie said...

HaHa ... seriously, how long before you take over the nursing!

careysue said...

OMG of course you would say that!!!

hahahahaha my comedian friend!

cyclingred said...

Fewer kittens to find homes for.

Nursing the kittens? I don't know about that. But my son had a pet rat once. It went into shock or something one time he tried to give it mouth to mouth. :)

careysue said...

cyclingred--the mental image of that would put me into shock!! That is so cute that he would try to save it. :)

chris said...

Hey "one" is not a lonely number! Being either one cat or one single women does have its benifits ya know, however since you not single like me, I will not share our single secrets, heeheehee.