Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cat in labor!????

Call out to all of you cat people!!! We have a cat, a calico much like this one pictured above. In fact, this picture looks just like her, she might be a tad bigger in the belly than our Scout. (she's my daughter's cat) anyway, we decided we wanted one litter of kittens, before we do the Bob barker thing and have her spade.

So we let her out at night and boy did the males come around...have you ever in your life heard male cats howl, when there's a female in heat? My gawd it's scary.

My almost 14 year old son was having a sleep over in the basement one night, and they heard the howling...of course they didn't know what it was....scared the begesus out of them. It's not just for an hour or so it's all night long. Poor cats they don't leave either, they stay for days and days. No food or water for those rascals! So anyway, we thought for sure she was should of seen us staring out the windows spying on the cats "doing it"

"Mom....they're doing it under the bushes!"

"Shhhh, be quiet we don't want to interrupt them!"

I have to say we got into it. This was in January.....60 some days come and kittens. She even gained weight! Well, 3 weeks later the males came back around. What the heck, why are they back I thought for sure she was pregnant. We let her out again...same routine. So, by our calculations she should be due any day now. She's showing, she has pick nipples. My daughter felt the kittens.

Are there signs we should look for? You know like, like for humans? I have goggled it many times and it doesn't really give us specific answers. I don't really want to take her to the vets either. Sorry.

I know the other Carrie has cats maybe she could help me? Please.

goodnight for now.



Hannah said...

kitties!, well I don't think I can give you any advice, seeing as how I live with you! ha well it'll be an experience for sure, and for the record everyone, the first couple times we DID NOT purposely let her mate, that was an accident ( so please cat rescuers and etc don't be mad)

careysue said...

yeah...I think that's why nobody's commenting because their mad at me!! haha

For the record...she's such a wonderful cat all her kittens are spoken for, she'll probably only have 1 or 2 by the looks of her.