Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turning something potentially negative into a positive

I'm following Candid Chatters suggestion, and posting a situation today that was ticking me off, and turn it into a positive situation for myself and the other person.

I was simply cleaning my house and minding my own business and the phone rings. Not anything negative about that right? Wrong! Telemarketers on a whole are just doing their job and I can appreciate that. I have to say a lot of times if their selling something and I think I can benefit, or if I feel sorry for them-- I bite the bait and they have scored with me!

I am such a sucker! Yes, thats me, hard to say no to someone.

The telemarketer wants me to agree to try DSL and I already have cable, I nicely tell him. He kept going "Ma'am, you don't have to pay for anything just try it!"

Me--"No thanks, I just don't think I want to try it at this time."

Him--"Ma'am, you don't understand, you don't have to pay just try it for free, if you don't like it send it back."

Me---Getting ticked....Ahhhh....remembering what Heidi's blog was about..."No thanks, I hope you have a wonderful day today."

Him--"OK, sure. "But,.....


Well, it ended OK, I didn't yell at him...that was good.


Kathy said...

When telemarkers call me I try to sound young and then tell them my Mom's not home...not a complete lie!!

Blessings From Above said...

I am impressed with your restraint. You are much kinder than I would have been. My response of late has simply been "Please take me off your call list." CLICK.

careysue said...

Well, I'm not always that nice! haha it's (candid chatter's) Heidi's fault...I normally say-"Hey, I'm on the do not call list and I'm turning your company in!"

Candid Nerd-a-mus said...

So did you feel good for being positive this Tuesday? I have a story too, but I'll post it on my blog. Check it out later. The kids are going to bed in T minus 30 minutes and counting. I'll be back after that.