Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

Movies should-- inspire, move, entertain. Not many movies in my opinion do all of that plus more. When this movie first came out on dvd, I watched it with my family. It had such a profound effect on me I couldn't get it out of my mind. I started thinking about my own life and the decisions I've made.

We all have, our shoulda, coulda, woulda moments...every single thing we say, and do, has an effect on another human-being, be it negative or positive. We might not even realize it. It can actually change the course or path they take in life! I know that when my younger brother passed away, my whole family felt that way..."If only, I'd done this or that--he might still be here."

Who's to say if that is true or not, we are only human and we do think these things I'm sure. At least we're given the ability to accept situations that are painful and go on. Still our minds will go there and sometimes drive ourselves crazy with the "if onlys"

Back to our decisions and how they affect others, we all should, (and I really try to teach this to my kids) to always think before we say things, to strangers, family members, anyone we're having a conversation with because how do we know where their head is at, at that moment. One wrong comment could profoundly change the course of someone's life.

Believe me, I'm no saint and would never profess to be one, yet I really hope that even on here, I wouldn't want someone to take something the wrong way, feel bad etc. That is never my intent. I just want someplace to vent and share ideas with... It's really easy to get attached to people on here. I especially like the humorous girls and their way of putting things out there!

So, yeah that's my thought for the night...

As my boys would say--"peace out!"



Lex the mom said...

This is just so true. Thinking about it (as I have several times), I don't know that there is anything that I would change in my life - except I would have worked harder and been more involved when I was in school. Everything else, good & bad, taught too many important lessons.

Like you, I am big on the look before you leap thing. I talk all about consequences & how easy things are for them now. The things they just don't understand but think they do are the hardest things to teach.

Great post! Thanks!

candidchatter said...

Great post. A lot to chew on. Insightful and inspiring. Important for the young and the old alike. Thank you for getting my brainly wheels a turnin'.


careysue said...

Heidi-yeah thanks, it's just one of those movies that stays with ya!

Lex-sometimes no matter what I say to them they have to find out themselves! Can be painful to watch!

Carrie said...

Never saw the butterfly effect, I don't handle anxiety too well. FYI ~ You haven't offended me YET, but I'll keep you posted on that one!

P.S. I think the whole freedom of speech thing has gone spinning crazy mad out of control.

careysue said...

Carrie-please rent it! It's a great movie (you can handle it)

Mark Brooke Photography said...

nice post! great points

Blessings From Above said...

My cat is a male so I have no idea about pregnant cats. I can't wait to hear what happens though!

Blessings From Above said...

Ughhhh...I have been MIA this week so I am trying to catch up on your posts.

Obviously, pregnant cats have NOTHING to do with The Buterfly Effect! I meant to post the comment above on the "Cat in labor" post. Sorry! :)

Back to the movie - I have not seen it, but will have to rent it. And this post, especially mentioning not wanting to ever hurt someone's feelings, just goes to show once again, what a sweet, classy chic you are. I am so glad we "met"!