Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Update

Pretty busy week thus far...Rickie loves his port, really relieves his anxiety level (no more pokes!) They did a throat swab and found aspergillus fungus. Not a good thing-also tested to see if he is allergic to it. Will find out this afternoon sometime. Doctor's said to expect to stay at least another week. I got to stay in the hotel right in the hospital last night boy, am I refreshed! Staying on the couch is not comfortable and it's very noisy. Two room mates who happen to be newborns...(ugh) love them, but you know, up all night :) I will update later. Miss everyone, oh yeah Ric is staying up here until Sunday. (Yeah!)

Love, Carey


chel.seeeea said...

'ello madre. update more por favor. gracias mujer. can't wait till you guys come home