Monday, March 10, 2008


Hello, it's Monday and boy am I tired. Got to the room this morning late-with this time change we're all messed up. Rickie was still sleeping at 9:30...when he wakes up late it puts everything later than they want. Will do PFT'S tomorrow and see how his lung function is...Still looking at Friday getting let out of here. Boy, are we ready. Haven't heard yet on the aspergillus results. Need to call an inspector to come to the house and inspect for mold, air quality and air quality around the house.

Kids are doing wonderfully. Good job guys! Chelsea has testing all week at school which throughs off every body's schedule. I have to say one thing- I have the most wonderful kids ever. Sorry everybody my kids ARE the best. Love and miss you guys.




chel.seeeea said...

your kids are not the best. only me.

dandelionia said...

thank you!

Hannah said...

awww I love you!... and miss you!, hope you guys can come home soon!!! =(