Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday is a great day!

Today's a good day.

1. It's Thursday (day before Friday!)

2. Have gotten a lot accomplished today.

3. Talked with my best friend on the phone! (Hi Bekki!)

4. Rickie had a friend over. (first time since he's been sick!)

5. In a better place emotionally today.

By the way-I put this picture in because, I really like glass-blowing. Has nothing to do with today, but that's OK it's my blog! If anyone out there knows how to put pictures below the words can you comment and tell me how? I would greatly appreciate it.


dandelionia said...

you have to drag and drop the photo. just play around with the image functions and stuff.

anyway, I'm glad you had a good day today!!!!!

Love, Ali

careysue said...

Thank you Ali! I did it I moved the picture to where I wanted it!

Love you