Monday, March 17, 2008

Cats, cats everywhere!

How many of you out there have cats? We've had our fair share of cats. I personally love cats. The cat here is Pip, she is no longer with us. I really loved this cat.

We now have Xan pronounced Zan, and Scout a female who we think is pregnant! We are a bit perplexed, at the moment-male cats are howling under our windows at night-I mean screaming!!! Why is there male cats coming around when she's pregnant. Well, I looked it up on Google, and low and behold it does happen...cats can be pregnant and still go into heat and become pregnant again, yes have two litters. Can you believe it!!

I thought that was sooooo weird, have never heard of such a thing.

So, all of you have learned a new thing today or should I say a new wrinkle. When you learn something new, you get a wrinkle in your brain. There you go a wrinkle from me:)

Love, Carey


chel.seeeea said...

wrinkles! folds! more surface area! its all the same!