Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break Blues...

Today is the first day of spring break for the kids. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we're going anywhere. *hmmm* Anyway, when I was growing up a long time ago, we didn't go anywhere for spring break.

Of course, where we live most of the families go away for break. Typically someplace warm-we can't or don't most of the time. First of all, Rickie's still on IV meds at home. Secondly, he has to have his IV's every 6 hours and in-between Iv's he has the vest and nebs to do. *sigh*

I could, I suppose, go on a couple of hour trip away from home and then come home and do treatments. But no one wants to do that! I really wish that I could do something with them. Anyone out there have any ideas. Remember I have various ages to deal with. Ali's at college so no need to factor her in. So, ages 17,15,13,11 and 6.

Please be creative-god knows I'm not! Too warn out. Better yet, think of a place I could go! :)

This too shall pass and summer will be here before you know it-and Rickie should be a lot better.

Oh yeah, the picture of me running-it's merely to inspire me to get out and run!!

Take care,



chel.seeeea said...

well technically yesterday was the first day of spring break, but thats ok. and who said i'm not up for a 2 hour trip!? anyway, yeah.