Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rickie is HOME! ((((((YEAH)))))))

Rickie's Doctor said that he could go home-have to do IV meds at home every 6 hours. Do his treatments 4 times a day. Go back to the hospital on Friday and redo his PFT'S. And back to clinic on Monday. *phew* I am so happy to have him home. We can try to get back some normalcy in our lives. Please hope and pray that his lung function (inner airways) are up!

I have a lot of laundry to do and boy is the house dusty...they did a great job keeping it picked up though so I'm not complaining at all. Ric is traveling next week, so happy I can be their for the rest of the clan:)

Thanks to all of you for the cards and calls while Rickie was locked up. It sure meant a lot to him and he thanks all of you.

Love, Carey


dandelionia said...

You know, you probably shouldn't say "when Rickie was locked up" haha