Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Update

Not too much more to report today...so, can I vent? Thanks. They (meaning the Dr's) want Rickie to get more sleep. So, what happens last night-three ring circus in Rickie's room, starting at 1am. I'm awoken to lights on, doors banging and a lot of Dr's in the room, surrounding a bed that wasn't in there when we turned the lights out. They can't talk quietly, I'm hearing everything they're saying...and they make such a big deal about heppa (privacy act) "we will have to due a spinal and test for bacterial men.") What the heck is he doing in Rickie's room? All this is running through my head. Do I get up and insist they get him out of Rickie's room? More thoughts of what if he catches the disease this boy has? Why are they doing this? Well, after they have given the doctors all of his symptoms and health history (two hours) they whisk him out of the room.
I'm left thinking what now? I mentioned it to the nurse and she's like-don't worry its not what you think, can't tell you because of heppa. I just got done listening to the whole darn thing and they mention the privacy act after the fact? Whatever!

Okay, I'm done venting.

Rickie will get his port tomorrow-so they say again. All in all it's OK, I just want to go home. (so does Rickie)

Bye for now.


chel.seeeea said...

if it was bacterial meningitis than they're insane! aren't those kids supposed to be in isolation???

CityCop1 said...


I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and Rickie. You guys are in my thoughts, daily! Take care!


careysue said...


Thanks, yes things are getting better. Remember to call about the reunion stuff!