Saturday, March 22, 2008

Update on Rickie

Rickie had an appointment yesterday to redo his spirometry (pft's). The results were not what we wanted to see for his middle airways. His fev1 were not that great as well. fev1 is the first second of blowing they measure. It was between 40% and 50%. With those results and the fact he's still coughing they extended his IV meds for another week! (ugh) That means every six hours around the clock.

You know, whatever it takes to get him well, is what we'll do.

Today, we will color Easter eggs and watch movies and have fun with the kids.

Often times I don't mention what else is going on in our family and I apologize.

Chelsea was very sick yesterday, and she just needed some TLC. We were gone literally all day. We left around 11:30 and we didn't get back until 9:30 that evening. It's really hard on the whole family when you have a child that requires so much care. There oftentimes overlooked (for a lack of a better word). Please know, I love all of my children and if I could be there for all of them, 100% I would. That being said, I will try harder today to fulfill all of my kids needs.

Have a great day everyone!