Monday, August 6, 2007


...says the broken Californian down, on the beach."
I really hope it works this time, because The Blog doesn't seem to like me much, most of my posts (besides "Uhh") don't work, but "Uhh" was under my mother's name, which is why it worked, under my own name..I am very disliked.
Anyway..Mommom, Hi. I suggest you leave me a nice little, probably funny comment, if this ends up working, that is. Oh and also, when you are coming here next? Cause I'll make you cake! Really, really GOOD cake. Chocolate, of course.

But what else can be expected?


careysue said...

I knew it had to work sooner or later-your cake was out of this world Chels and am looking forward to your next creation!

Anonymous said...

cake, a girl after my own heart! I hear you are quite the creator in the kitchen. You must take after . . well, my mum. She's the only one that I know could bake.. looking forward to one of your creations. mm