Thursday, August 9, 2007


I just realized I have no creativeidness at all. Everything I've been about to say right here has been lyrics. Except for I did choose an anteater which means I am extremely unique. Who knew!? HA.
Ok so I'll admit, none of that was very funny at all, but it wasn't really supposed to be, its just, I'm bored...and when I'm bored I pretend to laugh and then maybe someone will think its funny. Except no that never happens either.
I like to make things up, we'll just go with that.
Because all of that I just wrote, I basically have no idea what I was talking about. At all. And I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody..would leave ME comments!!
Oh. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA> ;-)

So, now that I've successfully made the world bored..not that the world reads this, but I think with this record-breaking level of boredom post, people around the people reading will take on their boredom and before you know it, it'll the whole world.

I'm also really liking run-on, ununderstandable sentences. But, unfortunately you'll just have to get used to that, or just avoid my posts, because this is just the kind of person I am. (excluding the boredom factor, I hope at least)

Well, I was going to start typing more and more and more paragraphs about, oh well you know, everything. But I'll be nice today.

And now I'm ending it. Have a good day. Bye. Mhmm..


Anonymous said...

I think you like to hear yourself talk Chelsea. I'm assuming that's your name! But you are amusing.

me said...

I think you are very creative...the picture went so well with the theme of your cool is that!