Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The microwave stand is going to be red. Of course, everyone that has some sort of vested interest in this microwave stand already knows that the microwave stand is going to be red, but I feel as though my posts should have some sort of transition between them--as in, "Hey, look, it's Ali writing! And Ali dwells on the same few thoughts over and over!"

Well, I don't.

Alright, I lie--I do dwell on the same few thoughts over and over, but sometimes, miraculously!, I am out walking with my mom, and it is five hundred degrees outside and it feels as though we are walking in a steam room (or, at least, smells like it), and The Arcade Fire is playing in the background, and my thoughts are not the same. Then, I think--heaven! joy! bliss! heat! sweat! endorphins! Unfortunately though, it is usually then that my mom starts running through the sweat and over the parched grass-leaves and I think--omg-I-will-fail-next-semester-boys-love-fat-red-microwave-stand-babysitting. Seriously, if she'd just stop running on our walks and we were perpetually walking life would be perfect.

But life is incredibly good, and now I can check off "microwave stand!" from my list of thoughts to dwell on, and maybe someday I'll no longer dwell on the same list but a new much more fun list.


careysue said...

Wow-I had no idea, well, yeah I kind of did. I just didn't think you thought about things that quickly as well. Meaning my mind races too-about different things of course. At least the color is settled and Poppi is probably painting it as we speak! He always gets things done on time and does not procrastinate...someday I won't either. I hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I'm not agreeing with the red micro wave stand and hope poppi hasn't painted it yet. I think the topic should be back on the table. my thoughts: A mirco wave stand is a excessory that is suppose to be a "supporting" object...not the main character in your shouts, you wanted simple. Use red for your "shouting" objects. Pillows, comforter, wall art. Just a thought. Although...Poppi did create it...and to you I'm sure is a work of art. (thinking out loud)

careysue said...

That was interesting anonymous..we do appreciate honesty and any tips we can get! But, I think the microwave stand is red and it looks fab! Thanks and keep the advice coming!

Anonymous said...

it's RED!! It's beautiful.. It's DONE.. mm