Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back again...

I think this is appropriate that I say something tonight the eve of two of my children's birthdays. No, there not twins-being there five years apart, but they have the same birthday-August 10th. What's interesting is that they are both left handed as well! I think that's so cool-to be left handed I had a girlfriend in grade school, and through high school, that was left handed. I always envied her because not only was she always thin, she had long beautiful hair and was left handed. If you set next to her your arms would bump-a bit annoying at times but she was different! So, to have two of my kids, left handed WOW, I most of done something right. (no pun intended of course)

Let me tell you a little about them: Chloe will be 11, she is the youngest girl. She just got out of the whiny stage *yes*. She's actually fun to be around as of late. Since she's the baby girl she played on that her whole life...I don't know what it is how they just seem to change overnight but she did. She was recently in a play and had a pretty significant part and I sat there and cried nearly through the whole play. (it wasn't a sad play) to see her up there all grown up I couldn't believe it! "Where, my little girl go?" She's also involved in choir so your getting the feeling of Chloe very involved in things and wants to do everything! I couldn't be prouder.

Then there's the youngest: Rickie, all boy mind you. Picture the little rascals (if your old enough) and the kid with the black eye and putting frogs in girls lunch boxes-that would be Rickie. All stinker. He will be 6...very social guy loves everyone and of course everyone loves him so he believes. (we will not tell him otherwise!) He's having a birthday party Friday and boy is he excited his first birthday. I know a lot of parents now days give there kids a party every year. I sure don't or didn't jump on that band wagon, not with six kids. So yes this is his first and last for a while I think. Having a magician (judge down the street) a pinata filled with candy, did I tell you Rickie is a first class sugarholic? Well, he is. When he was not 2 I was frantically looking for him "RICKIE....RICKIE where are you?" Finally found him in the closet across from the pantry with hot chocolate packets eating them and throwing the wrapper next to him I think he ate almost the whole box of 12! He is a sugarholic for sure!

I hope this gives you a little feeling of two of my kids! Gotta love em!

I do.


dandelionia said...

I love 'em too--those were pretty good descriptions of the two of them, as well. Good work, motha!