Friday, August 3, 2007

The Blog Train

If there was a blog train, streaming along, picking up fabulous bloggers, I'm pretty sure my women and I have clearly missed it. Even when I began reading blogs, years ago, I was intensely aware of the fact that I could not start my own blog, because alas! the train had left the station. But now, fortunately, sneakily, I have managed to steal my way onto the newest caboose trailing down the track, as I can always say, rather snottily, "Well my mother wanted to start a blog." And, of course, old people...they're always behind in the times.

Anyway, enough metaphors. I'm Ali (a little nuts), and also the one that came up with that fabulous "About Me", which is a little, I admit, obnoxious. No one is reading this, though, so I'm a little safe from the frightening idea that strangers may think I'm obnoxious or, in the least, self-deprecating. But because I WANT that frightening idea, I have decided to keep my posts short, incredibly witty (haha), and frequent, because with so many hormonal women posting I'm afraid anything long will cause the average stranger a nervous breakdown and--"My God, how can that father survive?! Give those girls some chocolate!"

And who wants that?


dandelionia said...

This is actually ME talking, not awomansprerogative....

Anonymous said...

you guys are really confusing me. who is really blogging.. whoever it is, keep it up