Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today's Run

Today was a lot of fun. Got the kids off to school and went on my run. Although it was a bit different this time! I met Mandy, a photographer for the Detroit Free Press. She was great--it was heady having someone drive in front of you, just to stop in the middle of the road and take your picture. All the while I'm pretending I don't see her and just 'on my run'.

I'm still trying to figure out why they're doing a story on me...

I was cracking up though while I was running, trying to look cool and everything. She followed me for quite a ways. I naturally wanted to stop a couple of times but my ego got in the way, and I kept on running. I had a killer workout today!


Blessings From Above said...

What wouldn't they want to do an article on you? YOU ARE FABULOUS!

That would have been really weird having someone follow you on your run, especially while you are trying to act natural.

Anonymous said...

LOL - your description is funny. How do you pretend you don't see someone. I am such an acute observer of things that I would look so fake in a picture like that because anyone with eyes would be able to tell I was 'trying' too hard. LOL! Post the story if you can when they print it. I'd love to see. You're a darling person. I love that we met!