Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ric-Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday Ric! Today is wordless Wednesday so I'll put some great pictures of my husband and kids up so that you can see what a super-great guy he is. :)


dandelionia said...

Yes! Happy birthday Dad.

And btw this is completely unrelated but hilarious. Today my mother (you!) decided to pack me a lunch. How miraculous, I thought. How wonderful. I left Borders (where I occasionally read books w/o paying for them) early so that I could eat this lunch. I sat on a bench and drank some water to prepare myself for it. Ha, then I opened the brown paper bag. Lunchables?!?!

I may be the only college student who carefully constructs doubledecker meat, cheese, and cracker sandwiches before going to work at an Italian restaurant.

careysue said...

Hahaha You are so funny! I thought you meant that you took books from Borders! Alas, you meant you read them and then left. Silly me.

Sorry about the lunchables-there very easy to pack. Love you sweetie.

Blessings From Above said...

Cute pictures of the birthday guy. But not as cute as the banter between your daughter and you! How sweet. :)