Monday, April 14, 2008

Best Grill Ever!

A friend of mine sent me pictures of this amazing grill. What's so great about this grill is that he made it with his son! It has a built in refrigerator, notice the venting out the side and the great masonry work. Plus the beautiful decorating his wife did!

If you're a grill master such as myself, and my father you would drool over this grill. Plus, I might add it's located in Southern California to boot. Ahhhhh, while we're stuck here in MI, had a bit of warm weather last week and snow flurries this past weekend. Yes, you heard me right snow flurries! I have checked the weather, and we are supposed to have warmer weather this week-high in the mid 50's to 60! So, we can grill out without our coats and mittens on!

Have a great Monday, and I'm sure if you'd like he could send you his plans for this fabulous grill!

Love ya,