Friday, April 18, 2008

State Finals!

Tomorrow is Chloe's State Finals for Destination Imagination. Unfortunately, Chloe went to bed last night, not feeling all that well. It's not like a soccer or lacrosse game where your teammates have you covered if you miss. Each girl has a part and if one is missing your done. I guess they could practice and try to go on without the missing part but....:( Lets hope Chloe wakes up this morning and especially Saturday feeling better.

It seems that whenever one of my kids have a major event in their life they get sick. Coincidental? Doctors always tell you it's stress, has that ever happened to you? I've gone to the doctors before after being sick for some reason or other and their answer is "I think your under too much stress"

Me-"OK" well, thanks, I'll go home and figure it out. Then your going home feeling stupid because obviously-ITS IN YOUR HEAD! Why do they do that? Can they not come up with something better? Apparently not! Sorry, I'm being a bit facetious but, how does someone take the stress out of their life? "OK, which kid needs to go?" Ha ha

Anyway, good news is that we dropped the car off to Ali and she's going for an interview today at Southwest Solutions! Not a paying job but a volunteer position. If I haven't said lately, I am so proud of her she's going to school (college) working a job and trying to volunteer...her plate is full. :)

Speaking of dropping off cars. It was so weird following my child on the highway! Actually, surreal all I could think of is, that's my kid ahead of me on the highway. I had NO control over the other cars and no one better make a move. My stomach was in knots. (speaking of stress!)

We made it of course and I could breath a sigh of relief when she got into my car and I once again could be in control. Or keep her safe. I think it's harder as they get older not easier. My ramblings are over so I'll go wake up kids!

Love, Carey


chel.seeeea said...

i bet you are SO excited to drive me to school today so you can control that too! hahah