Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where do you go?

Sometimes people have dreams-day dreams and dreams you have from a sound sleep. You wake-up one morning and think, " boy, I loved that dream." I really want to go back there.

This is my dream, when I've gone through low times in my life. I choose to go here. I searched the Internet and found what it might look like. Not exactly, the cottage I want to go to, but close. I go here when I want peace and quiet in my life. To just ponder on my decisions and choices I've made. Very spiritual at times.

I'm sure others have places they might go when feeling down or reflective. If anyone would like, share where you might go. Or if you don't do this think about it. You can bring anyone you'd like to your place. I suppose this could be your second life in your head. Just a thought it works for me. :)

Love, Carey


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Seriously, I do the same sort of thing.

Blessings From Above said...

My special place would definitely be by an ocean. And since I can bring ANYONE I want, I'll take along Brad Pitt, ughh, I mean my husband.

Anonymous said...

The ocean. Partly why I moved from Ohio to Florida (southeast coast).

Heidi R.

careysue said...

There just seems to be something about water that I just love...I have found that most people do love the ocean...Heidi I envy a good way of course! Living where it's warm, I tell you these winters are killers!

Carey *smiles*