Friday, April 11, 2008


I ran across this picture of Chloe's and Rickie's birthday...(they both have the same birthday) Of course when you blow out your candles you have to make a wish, Chloe being the perfectionist that she is, was very distressed about making a wish.

The slim chance that your wish might come true, you better make it right. We have all heard the saying-be careful what you wish for, it might come true. She of course had to have the right wish. She eventually blew out her candles and thought of a wish. Never found out if it came true or not. My point is, is that we can learn a lesson from Chloe.

1. Don't cry over wishes!

2. Take your time, cake taste good with wax on top.

3. There is always stars to wish on. (she wished upon a star every night with Ali)

4. There is always your next birthday.

Seriously, we have all made wishes, and they don't always come true-but, we have dreams and we can make them come true, and don't ever stop makes us childlike. And who wants to grow up, certainly not me.

Love you guys!


chel.seeeea said...

hahah i love tip number two, or whatever, the one about wax. pobre chloe

ChloeM. said...

take that off right now!!!!!