Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday (in case you forgot) or commonly called hump-day

Basically, I've been in a perpetually slump...for the passed 48 years, yes I'm 48 (almost 49) *eek*

My daughter is sitting on the floor as I type this laughing at me! (she thinks I'm a nerd) No, she doesn't she says. but, I think secretly she does.

My son is standing behind me saying I'm paranoid. Wow, teenagers they're so much fun. Is it time to go back to school yet? I'm telling you right now if it was, I'd be doing the happy dance!

Chelsea's going to camp on Sunday *yeah* OK, shes my favorite girl ( she is sitting right next to me) Candidcarrie thinks Chelsea's got pretty awesome hair, which she got from me. Thank you.

Isn't it funny how when your kids have an attribute like great hair, or intelligence, or they're really good at something they have to of gotten it from someone...sure, we all do it. The truth is they are who they are just because. That's what I think anyway, of course looks....they really do get from me! ha...just kidding.

Yet, when they do something wrong or get into trouble it's the other persons kid...."Your daughter or son did blah...blah...blah today!!!"

Yeah, we're pretty weird over here...and I'm getting bored with myself so I have to go for now. I will be posting pictures of our kitten who is 8 weeks now! Can you believe it?

So, until next time people...


Candid Carrie said...

Bring on the kitten, and if it has great hair I will be so (not) surprised!

You guys must have better water on your side of the lake.

Cyclingred said...

I have always said that my children got their good looks from me. Their mother still has hers. :)