Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am very homesick...not for home, but for my second oldest daughter. Yes, I miss her terribly.

It's funny when there home they're driving you crazy. She's been gone for 4 days and I have no contact with her at all!! She's at camp for 2 weeks! I don't know if I'm going to make it.

I went through this 2 years ago when my oldest went to college...cried like a baby every time I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of her.

I did get over it...eventually.

Chelsea is quite the character...she has a very strong personality always has. She had an attitude they moment she was born--no kidding at the age of 2 if I didn't put her socks on correctly or should I say perfectly she ripped those suckers off and re did it!

She's just so much fun.

If I wasn't her Mother I'd be her friend.

This is her last year at home, she's a senior this year.

Get me the Kleenex, I'll need it because it's the last for a lot of things...


Candid Carrie said...

You will be fine!

She will be fine!

Two weeks is a long time to be gone and by the time you get used to it they are back.
With laundry.

And clothes that don't belong to them.

And notes that make you wonder what the hell they were doing while they were gone.

And there is new body language.

And inside jokes that you will never understand.

Enjoy! And think about the money you are saving on groceries in two weeks ;)

careysue said...

*sniff sniff* You're right Carrie.

Lex the mom said...

Darn it - now I'm feeling sad for you! I don't look forward to those days, when my kids are ready to move out of my house. Okay - I do a little, but only because I won't have to deal with the fighting with their sibs.

Carrie - you make the return sound a little scary...heh.

Cyclingred said...

Quit crying carey and change the locks before they come back. :) I do miss having my children around. Four of the six are now thousands of miles away. I haven't seen my grandson and his mother in over a year. I have another son I haven't seen in over a year and it will soon be a year for one of the other sons.

Webcams are great for visiting my grandson.

A few years ago, when we had reached that tipping point where half of them were supposed to be gone they kept coming back like bad pennies.

I was never completely sure who was living in my house. I would notice a shuffling of furniter in the hallway and figured somebody was either moving in or out and the bedroom assignments were being rearranged.

Sunshine said...

I love the comment of how if you weren't her mother, you'd be her friend.

I flipping love that. :)