Friday, July 18, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

I have to say, that it's been one of the rainiest summers that I can remember. So far we've had 21.11in of rain and last year we only had 11.75. Taken from walker,weather, MI

Listen, I'm not complaining. I love what the rain does to our grass, plants and, green, green.

Recently, I also learned that our cost of water went up 100% since last year.

Don't worry we contribute to our public works, with 8 in our family we do our share of laundry and not to mention showers!

When the kids were little I could fit them all in the bathtub at once and save a bunch on water usage... I think the most I fit in the tub at once was three and there were legs and arms everywhere. I washed them in an assembly line, and when they got out, the same thing ~ those were the days.

I was telling my friend the other day, that we thought it was hard when they were little. In actuality it was the easy times...yes, it's difficult at times not getting sleep, doing everything for them, but at least you know where there at, you can put them to bed when you want, feed them healthy food etc.

When there teenagers--watch out! That's when the real work starts.

You worry about them when there gone (especially if they drive) You don't have any say during the summer on bedtimes. You certainly cannot make them dress the way you want them to dress. It's just a whole new ballgame.

Let me ask you this how did a post about water, morph into a post about teenagers--see what they do to me! (good grief) Well it's been a while this whole blogging thing....I'll work on sticking to one subject next time!

It's good to be back! :)


Cyclingred said...

Good to see a new post. I hope things are going well with your son.

My oldest son visited over the July 4 week. We were watching a home video of our oldest child's 13th b-day party. We also have six children. The youngest is now 17. As I was watching the video and looking at the pandemonium that was going on I wondered how I survived

It's just crazy with the activity level. In the video the youngest was a toddler. He was up and down and everywhere. The other boys were pulling faces and had thier hands and noses in everything. The sister was being silly.

I dreaded the teenage years when they were young. But you get to ease into it. When they arrived I enjoyed alot of things about teenagers. It was fun to see their interpretation of life and culture.

careysue said...

Red, I agree with you--I really enjoy the kids as teenagers now it's just the worry I don't really like...I guess it's letting go that's hard for me.

You should post that video sometime--I love home movies!

Sunshine said...

CAREY! I was so happy to see you on my blog! It's been soooo long. I hope things are much better on your end. I'm gonna sit and drink my coffee and catch up w/you for a little bit.

Oh and I love tangents...Keep them coming...Don't edit yourself girl. :)

I love that picture of the rain too...I don't know how/why/what, cuz I live in Oregon and I see rain all the time, but it is so pretty.

And man, you all have big ol' families (I was reading the other comment too)! Does it count that my two girls feel like 5 girls?

Oh, and P.S. Talking about easing into the teenage years...tweenage years...Hubby and I had to laugh that we "caved" and recently bought the girls their first teeny bop magazines..."Bop"...ha ha...Am I a bad mom? Is that supposed to come MUCH later? But then I got to thinking...I watch MTV, do teenagers even get those teen magazines? I'm gonna totally bet that THEY DO NOT. Oh, how times have changed. ((I'm scared))

jill jill bo bill said...

CAREY!!! I know I'm gonna LOVE you! I mean, look at you- you are sooo cute-I love cute people, you have six kids-I have six (+2 steps),you are a caregiver-I am a caregiver, you love bald men-I love bald men, you run and ride bikes and exercise and love the outdoors and-I love bald men. There.
I am soo excited to find you. You are a true inspiration. Keep in touch!!!

Sidney said...

OK, well, only the six-kids-thing-in-common. Does it count that I used to be kinda cute and I used to run and cycle....but now, well, not so much.....

Hope things are going well with your son.

I don't know if teens are easier or just depends on the day, I think.....

Candid Carrie said...

Hi Carey Sue, It is me! Carrie Sue!

Don't you dare stick to the topic on hand. It was so good to hear your voice!

Rain Rain Go Away! Fog, mosquitos, crawly icky bugs, worms on sidewalks!

Teens? Goodness. I worried less when they were younger. I knew where they were ... our twenty-six year old pops in with their baby a couple time a week, our nineteen year old works at a summer camp and he pops in a couple times a month! How do we even know how much food to prepare during the summer, right?

amelia bedelia said...

I just spent the past 45 min reading your blog! 6 kids! You and jill jill!! I don't know how you do it. I will be coming back often to read, you are an inspiration! Maybe I will get off this computer and get on my treadmill, well, I'd have to move the clothes off of it first!