Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Detroit Tigers Vs. Cleveland Indians

Tonight the boys are going to the baseball game! How much more summer can you get...

It reminds me of my youth, when my brothers were in little league and they had the All Star games. It was not only special because they made the team, but that they played under the lights! Let me tell you that was huge!

You would of thought they were superstars. At least that's what I thought of them. My older brother Dave was the best catcher ever. Seriously, he was. I loved watching him play--throwing off his mask, so that he could catch a foul ball! Wow, I was impressed!

Rick my younger brother played second base he was awesome too.

One thing you don't know about me is that, I thought my brothers were the coolest, nicest guys in the whole entire universe.

I could say bad things about them (when I was angry with them) but you'd better never say anything bad about them!

The fact that my husband is taking our two sons to the baseball game tonight, reminded me of them both, and how much I miss them.

Anyway, back to the game... My husband is from Ohio, so naturally he's rooting for the Indians and we do live in MI, so our boy's will be rooting for the Tigers! It should be a fun night out for the guys!

Go Tigers! and to be fair Go Indians!


Candid Carrie said...

My oldest son was a catcher for years. I always loved the way he tossed that mask off so quickly to get catch a ball, too. All this from a kid that never thought to use two arms at the same time In The Real World, sheesh.

Now my husband plays one night a week, short stop, under the big lights. I love watching until he tries to be a hero and slides into a base. I can get the grass and clay stains out, no problem. It is the wrenched knee or twisted ankle that I worry about!

I am very happy to see you back!

Cyclingred said...

Does the baseball outing include Rikie? If so yea!

careysue said...

Red--yes it does! yay he's so excited!

Thanks for asking!

Carrie--So many places to go on a field trip!

careysue said...
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careysue said...
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Paul said...


My oldest son loves baseball, he played for the first time earlier this year on a kid pitch team and absolutely loves it. We have found that even this exercise really has also helped his CF. He plays right field and 3rd base. The coach is pretty good about switching them up. He wants to play again next season and has also talked his younger brother into wanting to play.

Enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm from Ohio I will shout out a GO INDIANS!!

I love dime a dog nite at the Clippers stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Nothin' like it!! Columbus Clippers ring your bell. Yeah!

Heidi Reed