Thursday, July 10, 2008

Field Trip today!

I am so excited to go with Carrie to Canada today! Please go to campcandidcarrie or click here and join a million of us on her exciting field trips! See you there.


carolyn said...

Hello! Thanks for you comment on my blog! Sorry to hear about your son not doing to great right now but hopefully he will get better and better now that they know he has cf and can get the right meds for it. I know how hard it is when things are not going right. You keep spinning it around in your mind over and over trying to come up with some sort of answer so you can help. It can be so overwhelming. I don't know if you read on my blog about the Minnesota trip we took to see Dr Warwick back in the summer of 06. Dr Warwick is the top cf doctor in the US and at the time Branson was having a lot of trouble. He figured out why and things with Branson cleared up quick but it also took a long time for his lungs to heal from the damage if that makes sense...Even a year after he was still getting better. Dr Warwick believes that people with cf can improve their lungs even when there is damage. You might not be able to get them back to 100% but they can improve so don't give up hope and it sounds like he is healing if he is not coughing all the time!! I will check back for updates on your blog too!! Please feel free to ask any questions or just want to talk!! Have a great weekend!