Monday, October 20, 2008

OK so I get lost....

When my oldest daughter was a baby, I often times took her for walks in the woods.

We lived on a dead end road, the last house on the left and about a thousand feet from the road, so basically out in the middle of no where.

Ali was a one year old at the time, and she was up, I decided to take her for a walk, mind you it was a foggy morning...the sun was not shining. If you know me you know that I get lost very easily.

My husband at the time, always kept the trails mowed, so how could I possibly get lost?!! I was not worried I've never, ever been lost in the woods...I grew up in the country!

We set off for our walk holding hands and singing and was precious.

I guess I wasn't really paying too much attention, because we were off the trail! That's OK, I can find my way back, at this point her little legs are getting very tired, so she's on my shoulders now.

Still walking, and looking for something that looks familiar. Nope, nothing.nada. yet I swear I can find my way back.

This is before cell phones. Can't call and get, I do the second option- start crying just a wee bit don't want to upset Ali. Remember, there is no sun I can't walk in any direction and know where I'm going. Cannot get my bearings I'd walk 20 minutes one way, and I don't see anything at all that I've seen before. OK, maybe someone is out in the woods and can hear me.


NOTHING. Silence. Ok I'm crying a baby!

I have been in the woods for two hours I think or longer.

Ali at this point is getting really heavy. Alright Figure it out you're a mom!

I'm standing in the woods and looking around--I've tried going this way and that way let's try just walking one direction and maybe, I'll hit the road at some point and walk home...yes, it has to work.

I think I hear some voices...yay, people, living, breathing people that can help me.

But, wait. They could be ax murderers! Well, I'll just have to take my chances.


Them--Hey, how's it goin? (shot guns in arms)

Do not let them know that you're scared shitless.

Them--You lost?

Me--Ahhhh, yeah. Can you tell me how to get to 72nd avenue?

Them--What? You're way the hell from there....hahahahahahahah

Me--I need to get home, where is it?

Them--Follow us and we'll take you home.

OMG, take me home, I don't know these guys at all. I thought if I just followed them to the road, that would be OK.

We make it to their house. I have never seen a scene like this before it was a cross between the Beverly Hillbillies house before they moved to California, and the Adams Family. Cars up on blocks...not that there's anything wrong with that mind you...junk everywhere, I'm talkin garbage galore--mud...there's no grass just mud. Chickens pecking the ground. Oh yeah, a deer hanging from a tree...I know it was deer season...had no business in the woods.

I see a van in the drive way. A van with no windows. I don't know but that just freaks me out, don't they want to see out the sides of the van?!

I quickly ask if I can use there phone...they don't have one! SHIT. What am I going to do. The only thing I can do is walk home on the road.

I quickly thank them, and tell them I'm fine and I'll walk home.

"Hey, maam, you can't walk all the way home!"

"I'm fine," I say, and start walking down their muddy driveway, with my tired, cold, one year old.

I stopped and stood there for a moment and turned around. OK, I'll take a ride home.

What the heck was I thinking...ride with complete strangers in a van with no windows. OMG! They could...well, you know what they could do.

I'm in their van and all the while they're driving I'm praying to myself....please God just let me get home and I'll never get into a strangers van or car again...I promise!

They took us home and I thanked them.

I had them drop me off at the end of my road...didn't want them to know which house was mine...of course they're were only two to choose from.

Needless to say, I didn't walk in the woods for a long time after that...I just couldn't do it.

That was the first time I got into a van with strangers, you'd think I would of learned my lesson...that's a whole other story!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Too funny! I once took a ride from strangers and my baby son was with me. I'd ran out of gas, and somehow I just felt in my gut that I could trust them. I was way too far from anywhere to walk. Thank God they were good people. Looking back now I think, Was I CRAZY??!!

Ronda's Rants said...

I get lost on a daily basis! I have literally no sense of direction...I have learned that if my first indication is to go one way..I go the other and I usually am better off! So sad!
You story sounded like a scene out of Deliverance!

cyclingred said...

Interesting story. You had probably watched the movie "Deliverance" the night before. :)

I have been lost on my bike on roads when the day is cloudy. It's a bummer.

The Rule Maker said...

I am terrified of getting lost in the woods and I grew up in the country and played in the woods all day long. That is a story to remember!

The Momma Ritz said...

Scary... the only time I had something similar was when I was layed over on a flight in Cincinnati b/c of a blizzard... they put us up for the night. I was alone, it was about midnight when we landed. I called for a hotel shuttle and when they showed up it was a big van as well, no windows, and 2 strange men (with turbans, but that is besides the point). I got in the van to go to the hotel.. as we were driving I saw the state sign for Kentucky... when I had landed in Ohio. I started to quietly freak out and wonder where these guys were taking me. My cell phone battery was dead b/c my sister had a baby that day and I was on the phone with her while at the airport all day. It was scary. And later I learned that the Cinny airport is right on the border of Kentucky. Oy!

Rhonda said...

Oh WOW! How scary! And with a baby to boot!

You poor thing!

I guess I'm not the only one who will just sit quietly and wait for the murdering and dismembering to start! lol

And now I'm suddenly feeling like I should watch "Deliverance" with two people commenting on it!

RBK's Realm said...

That was one scary episode. You really captured the mood and the details very well and yes, you were truly lucky that they turned out to be good guys. I wonder if they had picked up on your fear?

And I thought I was the only one who gets lost at the drop of a hat, but mine is more while driving...

dandelionia said...

Oh thanks for almost killing me.

dandelionia said...