Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It looks like pick-up sticks!!!

When Ric leaves for work we have coffee in the morning, and talk about what we're doing for the day. He decided I should clean out some cupboards and our small pantry off of our kitchen...I wasn't that excited about cleaning out the pantry, but being the nice wife that I am I did it.

Here's a picture of the floor, I was taking everything out and moving it to the basement pantry and this is what happened! Yes, that's dry spaghetti all over the floor! I picked up the box to move and it was upside down (thanks kids!)

Kind of looks like pick-up sticks don't ya think?

We'll I cleaned it all up and it looks beautiful!

Oh yeah, got the cupboard cleaned out too!


Rhonda said...

Way to go! I love those moments with the music up and just cleaning. Almost therapeutic at times.

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay...that doesn't look like fun!
I don't enjoy cleaning's just work! But...I do enjoy I do it, too!:)

Cyclingred said...

Picking up spaghetti noodles is a pain. I can't get my fingers to g grasp those skinny little thing that are flat on the floor.

For those of you who enjoy cleaning come over to my house. I will provide the music. Cleaning is best done to Abba or Springsteen.

Sunshine said...

I haaaaate when that happens! Grrr...