Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TIME or lack of it!

This is way back to 1966...a picture of me and my parents. We were at my Aunt Marion's and Uncle Dutch's house. It's so cool to look back and see how much your own children look like you did as a child. I think I was pretty cute. I was 7 years old there. I'm sure my parents would look at that picture and say boy, it seems like yesterday you were that age. I find myself saying the same to my kids. Time is such a fleeting thing-we never have enough of it and yet were all waiting for something (in the future) I can't wait until such and such, we've all said it.

I think I'll just enjoy the time we have and not worry so much about tomorrow or fret about what I didn't do in the past. Because, we have all heard that the present is a present!

Love, Carey

p.s. That is my Uncle bill in the picture!


Anonymous said...

I wish that was possible for me to do. The problem is that during college you feel this overwhelming desire to prepare. To prepare for your future job, your future marriage, your future life. I lay in bed every night and think, "when life is real, what will I be doing?" It is very stressful. Of course, I'm sure many college student behave different, but we all know i'm different.


careysue said...

You know I think a lot of people feel the same way you do Ali they just don't talk about it. Your life is real right now enjoy!

Love, Me

chel.seeeea said...

oh ali quit being so dramatic. anyway, update more please mother

dandelionia said...

Not to be dramatic, but I have a blog now.....so I suggest you add ME! to your linkies.