Friday, December 5, 2008

I really miss my dad

I really miss my dad. He's in Alabama for the winter with my mom. This is my favorite picture of him. In this picture he was seventeen. He married my mom a year later.

Did you see that? I had to take a picture of a picture so that I could show you! My kids have not had time to show me how to scan. Maybe for Christmas they could teach me Scanning 101. I'd better put that on my Christmas list or know one will pay attention to it!

Anyway, when I was a little girl I thought that I would marry my dad. I would bring my friends in to "look" at my dad. When my brothers and I were young, he worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. As soon as he sat down he fell asleep. It wasn't a real nap, it was a "cat" nap.

So I would parade my girlfriends past my handsome daddy. "Isn't he cute?" I would ask and they would all shake their heads "yes" because no one wanted to wake him.

The entire time I was growing up I was always crazy about my dad. And it wasn't because I was the favorite. He didn't have favorites. I actually thought all girls were wild about their daddies until I started talking to friends in middle school and they thought their own dads were "dumb" or "old."

Jump ahead to high school and at that time I remember my friends telling me that my your dad is was good looking and nice. He really never said much or really interacted with them because he was the strong but silent type.

Even when I look at the picture above I vividly remember how loved and safe I felt with him. This picture was Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. I burst in the room with something to say and once again my daddy had given me his undivided attention.

Enjoy your vacation, dad. I miss you. Relax and come home safely.

Love, Carey


Rhonda said...

AW! That is so sweet! And I'm really glad that he's still alive, because my first thought was that it was a sad anniversary! Oi!

We're always daddy's little girls, aren't we?

Ronda's Rants said...

Your Dad is handsome...I am so glad you had that kind of realtionship with your father as a little daughter feels that way about her father very father and I have a more complicated relationship!
But...we do love each other very much and I am grateful for that!
Our family is very important...especially little girls and their Daddy's.
I am sure he is so proud of who you are!

Deb said...

what a great tribute to your dad! nothing like feeling truly unconditionally loved by a parent.

LOVE the abs of steel shot, but girl, you DO need to learn how to scan! put that on your to-do list asap.

dandelionia said...

Poppi is amazing. But you know who else looks amazing in that picture? Mummum. She looks so beautiful!

RBK's Realm said...

You do have very nice-looking parents! Not surprised as their genes are clear in your looks. :)

I hope they both are doing well.

Very nice post.

georgie said...

what a sweet story about your daddy!

sandi said...

I am a daddy's girl too. My Dad also worked three jobs and was found cat napping anytime he wasn't moving. I love your post, i am going to go call my dad and tell him how much i love him!

amelia bedelia said...

what a sweet post about your dad. I agree about always feeling safe. and even when you get older you still have those feelings of needing to feel safe. I miss my Dad.

Blessings From Above said...

Awe, what a nice tribute to your Dad.

BTW, your Dad is handsome...look at those abs!

The Rule Maker said...

Great Post! I hope they are enjoying Alabama!