Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

First, the picture over there is of my friend Gillian and myself toasting you good luck before we play the game--Two truths and a Lie

Here's the deal, I tell you two statements, that are true about me and one lie.

Easy...right, you think you know me? Well, we will find out.

Post your answers in the comments and I will announce the winner on Thursday at 5pm.

hint: you might find some of the answers in my previous posts.

1. In 1977 I went to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the AQHA World Championship's and placed Third in Jumping and fourth in Working Hunter.

2. The first time I ran a Marathon--I qualified for Boston!

3. I sky-dived when I was two months pregnant (unknowingly pregnant)

I want to pass this on: The winner hosts next Wednesday's game. :)

Good Luck!

UPDATE--OK since nobody's participating the winner does not have to host! OK, so start playing.

I'm thinking it's a lot more fun with a group of people sitting around!! :)


Nichole and Scott said...

What a fun game. I'm excited to play but am not sure about hosting the next week. Too much presure. I'll think of my entries and come back. I'll be pondering the answers to yours too.

Anonymous said...

hmm, well you seem pretty adventurous so i'm gonna guess the marathon one! haha LOL!

Cyclingred said...

Okay I will go out on a limb here.
The qualifying for the Boston Marathon is not true. The other two are true.

RBK's Realm said...

The first statement about AQHA championship is not true.

Candid Carrie said...

Eeeek, I've been away from the computer ... my guess is that is the skydiving. Sorry, I read the answer ;)

But oh my gosh girl, you have lead a life haven't you? I don't know which picture I like more ...

a. the marathon
b. the horse
c. the drinker/friend

I will have to pick them all.