Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on Rickie

I decided to update on my blog...a lot easier than e-mailing everyone:) I'm waiting for a call from the hospital to let me know when a bed becomes available. The doctors were not pleased at all with Rickie's PFT yesterday. The middle airways are only functioning at 30% (not good). He will have a port put in Monday so that they can access his IV meds and draw blood as well. That's a good thing, Rickie hates to be poked! I think they will leave it in for years as long as it's taken care of properly by moi. He will be getting intense therapy, meaning a lot during the day a long with his medications. Schooling is scheduled as well-he doesn't get out of that one! On a more serious note, please say a prayer, or send positive thoughts for Rickie. Our family is very concerned with this recent knowledge of his middle airways. I will try to update daily.